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Cody Linley Talks About Being The Youngest Competitor On Dancing With the Stars

September 21, 2008 03:00 PM by Paulene Hinds

Hanna Montana star Cody Linley, 18, is the youngest star ever to grace the dance floor on Dancing With the Stars and this week he talked to ET about what that feels like as well as the star that is already trash talking him on the set.

His partner Julianna Hough was thrilled to find out that Cody was her partner as in the past she has always been the youngest person on the show. She stated enthusiastically, “When I first found out that Cody was my partner, I was like–ya, I am finally the older women, cause I have always been the youngest.”

She said that she has always had older partners and has had to show them that she was the boss, but with Cody she has found herself being the opposite by pampering and mothering him during rehearsals.

Cody says that even though he is the youngest competitor ever on the show, that he feels like he is man enough to do it. He says, “I am going to bring the masculine nature inside here (himself) out.”

When asked if Miley would be coming to the show to support him, he told ET, “Yes she is–Miley and Billy Ray and everyone on the cast is going to come out to support me.”

He was surprised that his first meeting of the stars brought about some smack talking and joked about his encounter with Cloris Leachman. He said that she was very feisty and already smack talking him, which he wasn’t expecting. He knew she was 82 years old and he had never really met her before, so when he did he was surprised when she asked him, “Do you think you can handle me, huh?” He said that she had a Margarita in her hand and was dancing around.

Julianna Hough told ET about her foot injury that she recently experienced when she slipped while wearing flip flops, gashing her foot open. She said, “It was bad, it was bleeding everywhere. I would literally–like– put bandaids on it and it would bleed for four days.” She says that she is a trooper though and will continue dancing.

Juliannaalso put the rumours to rest before they can start about the chemistry between her and her partner. She told ET about her relationship with Cody, “We’re dating, we’re actually engaged and yes…NO! It was a joke by the way.”

Hewill be competing against volleyball Olympic gold medalist Misty May-Treanor,singer Toni Braxton, TV personality Brooke Burke,soap star Susan Lucci, Olympian Maurice Greene, singer Lance Bass,actress Kim Kardashian, actor Ted McGinley, master chef Rocco DiSpirito, comedian Jeffrey Ross, TV vet Cloris Leachman, and NFL champ Warren Sapp!

“Dancing With The Stars” premieres Monday, September 22 on ABC at 8 PM ET,with a three-day live event!

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Photo Credit:ABC

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