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Dancing With The Stars: Better At The Ha,Ha,Ha Then The Cha,Cha,Cha

September 23, 2008 09:48 PM by Paulene Hinds

On the second night of Dancing With The Stars, one starwas eliminated, while the other stars got to do their second dance of the season. The show opened up right away and it was revealed that after the viewers voteswere combined with the judges scores, that Lance and Lacey were safe and would be performing their Quick Step.

Lacey showed him her unusual teaching techniques including having Lance pretend to pee like a dog. After their routine, Len told them that Lance moved well around the dance floor, but it wasn’t his cup of tea. Bruno said that they bring the fresh taste to the dance floor and Carrie Ann wasn’t really impressed that they didn’t do the elegant moves of a Quick Step, but had loads of energy. Their score for the second evening was 21.

The next team to perform was Misty and Max. Max told Misty to move a lot of hips for this routine, the Mambo. After they finished their routine to a standing ovation, Carrie Ann said that Misty’s strong sharp attack of the dance worked much better in this style of dance compared to last night. Len said that she was very brave and did a lot of solo work. Bruno said that Misty had the power and attack of a task force, but he wants her to work on keeping her shoulders down during her dances. Their score was 21.

Maurice and Cheryl were let of the hook next and their dance was the Mambo. Cheryl said that he had a natural ability, but had to follow the rules of the dance. Maurice said I have always had the moves and now I know the rules, so look out America! After they performed Bruno said that it was like being at a party and he likes a party. Carrie Ann thought that the transitions were very smooth and although Len liked the routine, he didn’t like the fact that Maurice did the worm across the floor. Their score was 21.

Brooke and Derek’s second dance was the Quick Step. Derek commented that she needed to get her chest of his and she joked that she had never been told that before. They ended up strapping her baby onto Brooke to help teach her to keep her chest up and away. The judges said that once again, their routine was the best dance so far. Bruno said it was SEN-SA-TION-AL and cannot believe that in week one they are seeing this perfection in dancing! Carrie Ann thought it was FANTASTIC! They scored a 26 from the judges.

Cloris and Corky escaped elimination as well and Cloris threatened to sock the judges in the face if they didn’t give her a better score. She also felt a strike to the heart by the fact that she is older than the Mambo. After their routine and the crowd settled, Cloris said that she bribed the judges so they didn’t have to hear what they had to say. Carrie Ann told her that she can shimmy and that she gave her points for entertaining. Len got another look at her coconuts and thought that Corky did a fantastic job with the choreography. Bruno said he has never seen a Mambo like that one and would never see one like it again. Cloris was beeped again as they scored 15 from the judges. She says don’t try to vote her off as she isn’t going.

Next, Toni and Alec were given the good news and their second dance was the Quick Step. Alec said that he was worried about Toni as she often forgot to breathe while she was dancing. After their dance was over, Bruno told Toni that she was light, sparkling and elegant, which are all the qualities of a fine champagne. Carrie Ann told them that they have great chemistry and Len said that it was a very good performance. They scored 23.

Warren and Kym were thrilled when they got the news that they would dance again and their second dance was the Quick Step. Warren is such a big guy, Kym wasn’t sure how he would pull the dance off. After they danced, Len said that for entertainment it was fantastic, but the technique wasn’t there. Bruno said it was a ton of fun and Carrie Ann said she was amazed at the performance, but his feet were going everywhere. They received a 22 from the judges.

Ted and Inna were next with their Mambo. Ted told all the guy viewers that thie Mambo King has dance fever and they should watch out because it is contagious! When they finished dancing, Carrie Ann told Ted that he did a lot of moves in the dance, but there was an awkwardness in the way he did them. Len said that he did a very commendable dance and Bruno said that he grabbed his Mambo with both hands and had some fun. The judges gave them 19 points for their routine.

The next couple saved by the viewers votes was Cody and Julianne. Julianne wanted Cody to tighten up a little and be masculine and tall. They danced a Quick Step. When they finished, Bruno said that they were King and Queen of the Prom. Carrie Ann said that the Quick Step is one of the most difficult dances to do and that Cody was no longer a little boy, but was a man. Len said that he showed a great maturity in the routine. They recived a 23.

Rocco and Karina, who had some bad reviews last night from the judges, were safe as well and they came out and did a Mambo, using his mother in the crowd as part of their dance. Afterwards Len thought that they had improved and was much better than last night. Bruno called him the Italian Stallion and Carrie Ann told them it was super sexy. The judges gave them 21, which was much better than last night.

Susan and Tony had stood on their feet for most the evening waiting for their results and when they were told they were safe, they looked relieved. Their routine was the Quick Step. Susan was so hard on herself during the practices, but she proved that she could do it on the dance floor. Carrie Ann said that she was so much stronger and Len was priding himself on his prediction that Ballroom would be her strength and it was. Bruno called her my fair lady with class, elegance and glamour. They received a 22 from the judges.

Next the host, Tom Bergeron announced that the couple being eliminated was Jeffrey and Edyta. His family stood up in the audience all donning eye patches for support! When asked to say a few words he said, “What a nightmare! They told me that Edyta would be easy on the eyes andI figured that it would be her husband pokingme in the eye and not her.” The crowd was in hysterics by his comment. He thanked everyone for giving him the opportunity to dance and said, “If I can do this, anyone can.” Tom asked him what he would say if he were at a comdey roast for himself and Jeffrey stated, “I am better at the ha, ha, ha then the cha, cha, cha!”

The last routine of the evening was Kim and Mark. The final dance was a Mambo and Kim felt that the audience would be expecting sexy from her and she really wasn’t like that. After they finished their dance, Bruno told her that she frustrated him because she wasn’t using what she had. Len told her that she set herself up with her comments about not being sexy and that Mark over danced to compensate for her. Carrie Ann came to her defence and said that it must have been difficult having to wait two hours to perform and stand all night and even though she does not have any performance training, she can see that she is trying. They scored an 18 for the evening.

Dancing With The Stars returns again tomorrow night with one more elimination and special guest stars, The Jonas Brothers and Jesse McCartney at 8 PM ET.

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