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The Biggest Loser Families And A Shocking Betrayal

September 23, 2008 07:21 PM by DA Southern

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The Biggest Loser: Families second week promised more extreme pain than most of the contestants could possibly imagine along with a few surprises along the way. Bob and Jillian were seen having no compassion early on as we had a quick recap of what has transpired in the beginning episode when we lost Stacey and Adam. Two more will leave tonight and more weight will be lost as The Biggest Loser: Families inspires American’s to get off of the couch and lose some weight…after the show, that is.

The Toms’ were seen telling Ed and Heba that they had their back because LT had an extra vote and knew that if he fell under the yellow line, that they would remember that he didn’t use it on them.


Bob was seen telling his team that week two was always hard because the body was in shock because of the first week weight loss and he wanted to prepare the team for that. Jillian was also seen encouraging her team and preparing for the lack of weight loss that comes with week two.

In the first crisis of the season, Michelle and Renee, who had been estranged, were having difficulties coping with being each other. Jillian sent her team to the gym and then had a heart-to-heart with Renee to make things all better. Bob was seen in the gym torturing his team members and then ripped up the yellow line on the gym floor that separated the teams because of the negativity that is associated with the yellow lines during weigh-ins.


Allison greeted the teams as they were lounging and said for them to follow her. Allie led them into a room that had tables with ping-pong paddles and said that the dreaded second-week plateau was at hand and said that was going to be a chance for one family to win a cool $10,000.00 but that there was a catch. Allie gave them each a chance to bid on the percentage of weight lost during the week and said the winner would get the money. However, if they didn’t meet the goal, they would immediately go below the yellow line.

Allie started the bidding at one percent and Phil started it off by accepting the bid. 1.i% was bid by LT and Tom. The purple team, Shellay and Amy bid 1.2%; Phil and Amy upped his bid to 1.3%; Coleen and Jerry took 1.4%; Phil then bid 1.5% and LT bid 1.6%. The bidding kept going and finally ended with Coleen and Jerry at 2.4% and lose more than thirteen lbs to win the money. Jillian’s team was eating when she came in to see them and she was highly hacked off when she learned that Coleen and Jerry had made the decision to bid they way they had. Jillian made the decision to beat them up both physically and emotionally during the week.


A water slide challenge was on tap as the teams had to slide down the hill on a big slide and then run up the hill and hit a buzzer before the time hit zero or they would be eliminated. Essentially, fun going down; Not so much going up. Allie said that a phone call home would be a prize and the teams seem to have extra motivation to win. Jerry and Tom were once again out because they were so out of shape, Leaving poor Coleen and LT to fend for themselves. It was hilarious watching them go down, painful to watch some try to make it up in time.

The Brown team, Brady and Vicky, were out first, supposedly on purpose, followed by the Red team, Phil and Amy and LT. Allie then rolled the clock back and the pink team and the yellow team were both out, leaving the orange team, Ed and Heba and the purple, Shellay and Amy to go for the gold. Shellay was hesitating and Ed got off to a tremendous start and easily beat Shellay and gave the extra call to Phil and Amy because of the autistic son they had.

The next morning, Chef Rocco DiSpirito showed up to do a little fancy cooking with the contestants as he did last year with the losers. Rocco decided to show the teams haw to cook healthy and inexpensive because of the notion that you can’t eat healthy on a budget. Rocco took the team members shopping and then said that whoever cooked the best meal would win groceries for a year. The unlikely chefs were all given their cooking assignments and were off to cook their meals.


The chefs looked uneasy and each served their dishes and surprisingly enough, a lot of them did a pretty decent job at cooking. The remaining team members were in to taste the food the other team members cooked and did a taste test of all of the dishes. The chefs came in after the scoring and The Tiny Turkey Meatballs that Amy cooked won the day.


The last chance workout commenced as the losers got ready for the weigh-in that would determine who was going home tonight. Jillian was pounding Jerry and Coleen because they had to lose fourteen pounds at the weigh-in and Coleen was having a mini melt-down because of the pressure of losing the 14 lbs.

The teams marched to the weigh-in as they always do in the beginning stages, like they are headed to the gallows…and one team is. Allie greeted them at what she called “The dreaded second week weigh-in” and reminded Jerry and Coleen that they had to lose fourteen pounds or fall below the yellow line.

The weigh-ins started:

Vicky and Brady lost 4 and 7 lbs for a total of 11 lbs/2.04%

Amy and Shellay lost 3 lbs each for a total of 6 lbs/1.41%

Michelle and Renee lost 2 lbs and 5 lbs for a total of 7 lbs/1.46%

Amy and Phil lost 4 lbs and 8 lbs for a total of 12 lbs/2.30%

Heba and Ed lost 2 lbs and 9 lbs for a total of 11 lbs/1.83%

LT and Tom, LT gained 3 and Tom lost 3 for a total of 0/0%

Coleen and Jerry lost 6 and 5 for a total of 11 lbs/1.93% and they lost the 10,000.


Alli sent the teams off to confer as to who would be leaving and it was leaning towards Tom and LT because they were due to lose big numbers, but Ed and Heba were going to be true to their word and were going to vote to keep Tom and LT. At the kick-off ceremony, Purple team, Shellay and Amy, voted for LT and Tom. Orange, Ed and Heba, voted for LT and Tom, a shock and the Red team voted the Grey team, sending the Cab Drivers home.

Alli shocked the remaining teams by telling them that they should all pack their bags for a road trip to the Grand Canyon and we got to see that LT and Tom have continued to lose weight. Tom Sr. started at 314 and has currently lost 65 lbs and LT has lost 81 lbs.

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