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Kitchen Nightmares Trobiano Trouble!

September 25, 2008 08:34 PM by Lisa Stauber

Kitchen Nightmares features the restaurant Trobiano’s tonight, but it looks more like the cafeteria of a nursing home. Dinner is served at 4:30 pm and almost every diner is gray haired. The walls are beige, and they serve chopped salad. The executive chef, Anthony, is proud of himself and thinks his cooking is above criticism. The restaurant is also $500,000 in debt!

Ramsay orders a meal – salmon with a side of spaghetti and that infamous chopped salad. The food is beautiful and fancy, but tastes terrible. “It’s ghastly,” he says. He notices that a lot of customers are taking out doggie bags, and thinks the portions are too generous. He ordered two entrees, and his first, a chicken and shrimp dinner, comes out. It’s shrimp stuffed inside the chicken. Ramsay has some bleeped out words for that menu selection!

Anthony Trobiano, the executive chef, is insulted. Ramsay sends the salmon back too, claiming it’s dry an inedible. “I’m furious!” Anthony rants. He can’t believe that Ramsay doesn’t love his food and won’t even taste it to see if it’s badly cooked.

At 7 pm, the restaurant is empty. Everyone already! “One thing I noticed is the size of the portions.” Ramsay says. “The food is hideous.” Tiffany, Anthony’s girlfriend, thinks Ramsay knows what he’s talking about. He calls Anthony out about being too proud to taste the dishes that were sent back to the kitchen.

Gordon goes into the kitchen, while the family keeps talking to each other. Ramsay finds a room full of filth and grease, and can’t believe the kitchen is in such a state. He even finds mouse droppings near the meat slicer. “For a chef to let go of his kitchen like this, shows he doesn’t care.”

“I had a look in the kitchen, and I am absolutely gobsmacked,” Ramsay tells the family. Anthony pretends not to know what Ramsay is talking about. “Well, their asked to do it everyday, the staff,” Anthony says. He won’t be caught cleaning in the kitchen.

Ramsay tells the owner he has no chance, since Anthony doesn’t even bother to answer for himself. Anthony is arrogant and won’t take responsibility for himself, and Ramsay calls it quits. Anthony chases after him and admits he needs help.

Anthony returns with Ramsay, and agrees to clean from top to bottom. Tomorrow, Ramsay will take him to find great ingredients to cook with. He takes the family to a local farm, to show them how they can seperate themselves from other Italian restaurants by making their own mozzarella. He teases Anthony, saying “Teats are not your strong point.” Fresh mozzarella takes about 45 minutes a day to make, but might make them famous.

It’s Ramsay’s turn in the kitchen, and he makes them take down the early bird special sign. He shows them some simple but tasty appetizers that showcase the fresh mozzarella. The diners all agree it’s delicious. Ramsay stays in the kitchen and forces Anthony to taste each dish. “How can you serve food, and not taste anything?” Ramsay says. “Unbelievable”. The appetizers were tasty, but the entrees are being sent back to the kitchen.

Anthony is also having trouble keeping up with the orders. He sets a pan on fire, and the fire alarm goes off. “I think tonight was a disaster,” Pat, one of the owners says. Anthony’s worried that his girlfriend, co-owner Tiffany, might dump him if the restaurant fails.

Now it’s time for Ramsay to work his magic on the relaunch. His team redecorates and he presents a new menu. The staff is stunned, but happy. Ramsay even included a mozzarella bar! There’s another surprise. The editor of Bon Apetit magazine is visiting tonight, so Anthony has to make it good!

Everyone loves the mozzarella bar and appetizers, and now owner Joe is on Anthony’s back to taste the food. It’s the busiest night in years for the restaurant, and now the waiters are causing problems with bad handwriting. The diners are loving the food tonight until an appetizer comes out cold in the middle.

The editor arrives, and orders one of everything on the menu. “The fish and the chicken are really winners,” the critic says. They like the food! This could make or break the restaurant, and it looks like a good review is on the way.

Ramsay thinks there is one more piece of unfinished business – and he gives a ring to Anthony. It’s time for the girlfriend to become the wife! He proposes and she says yes! Ramsay one-ups them, and has arranged for them to get married tonight, complete with white dress, flowers, and a preacher.

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