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Clay Aiken Is Applauded For Coming Out

September 26, 2008 03:00 PM by Paulene Hinds

Lesbian and gay organizations across the country are congratulating Clay Aiken, former Americal Idol runner up, for his decision to go public with his sexuality in this week’s People magazine.

Jennifer Chrisler, the executive director of the Family Equality Council, stated “Much like Rosie O’Donnell, the announcement that Clay Aiken is gay reinforces a simple reality: the American public can no longer say it does not know a gay or lesbian parent.”

“Clay Aiken’s desire to raise a child in an open and honest manner will make his life, and his son’s, all the better. We hope he and his son find all the happiness they deserve, and the Family Equality Council will work toward the day that Clay and Parker Foster Aiken can enjoy the same rights as other American families.”

The president of the gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation commented, “We congratulate Clay for making this decision and for setting an example for others and his family. As we’re seeing, more and more gay people, including celebrities, are living openly and honestly, and this has tremendous impact in terms of creating awareness, understanding and acceptance.”

Clay told his mother four years ago that he was gay, but decided to go public with his sexuality this past week to People magazine because he couldn’t raise his child to lie or to hide things.

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