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Dancing With The Stars: Like A Lamborgini On The Freeway

September 29, 2008 07:45 PM by Paulene Hinds

Tonight the dancers only had four days to learn their new routines. The couples eitherdanced the intense pasadoble or a slow and romantic rumba and this is the first time ever on Dancing With The Stars,that the dancers have been asked to perform these routines so early on in the competition. Tonight they put all of their emotions on the line!

The first dancers of the evening were Toni and Alec with a Rumba. They danced to “I Can’t Make You Love Me, If You Don’t.” Len said that he was surprised how good the performance was with only four days to practice. Bruno said that they captured the sensuality and vulnerability of a mistress. Carrie Ann said that Toni moved just like she sang, with such passion and then chastized them for the two lifts that they did.
Their score for the evening was: 23

The second dancers of the evening were Brooke and Derek with a Pasadoble. Last week they received the highest score from the judges. They danced to “Allegretto.” Carrie Ann said that she was truly mesmorized and thought that their lines were gorgeous. She thought that they were a hair off in their timing and didn’t make the connections as they did last week. Len said that they came out and portrayed their aggression very well. Bruno said that their were moments in their dance of breathtaking artistry.
Their score for the evening was: 24

The third routine of the evening was performed by Rocco and Karina. They danced a Rumba to, “You’ll Never Find.” Bruno said, the stallion has run out of juice. Carrie Ann said that Rocco has passion, but is lacking musicality. Len said there were more tears than cheers about their performance.
Their score for the evening was: 16

The fourth routine of the evening was performed by Lance and Lacey. Tonight they danced a non-typical Pasadoble despite what the judges said last week. They performed to, “I Kissed A Girl” and Lance really did!Len said I know your brain and I know your game. Carrie Ann said that she thought it was a clever song choice and she loved how they go for it. Bruno said they go for it 100%, but Lance needs to watch his paso steps and keep the style going throughout the dance.
Their score for the evening was: 20

The fifth dancers to perform were Kim and Mark. They danced a Rumba to, “You Give Me Something.” Bruno said that their Rumba was colder than Siberia and Kim needs to grab the character and sell it. Len said that he is disappointed because he thinks she has so much potential and he wants he to be a good dancer, but she doesn’t show chemistry and hip action. She has all the gear in the rear, but nothing to show. Carrie Ann said that she needs to watch play back to see if she can look and compare with the other dancers.
Their score for the evening was: 17

Halfway through the evening Misty and Maks performed sixth with a wickedPasadoble. Their song was, “Take Me Out.” Carrie Ann said that their energy and determination is what she wants to see in all the dancers. Bruno called her The mighty Zena the Warrior Princess and told her to check her balance. Len said that it was a good attempt at the Pasadoble and once she was focused she lost the connection between the two of them.
Their score for the evening was: 21

The seventh performers were Maurice and Cheryl. They danced a Rumba to, “Mercy Me.” Len said that he talks the talk, but doesn’t dance the dance…it is a bit rough and lacks finesse. Carrie Ann said that she felt the choreography held him back and he was a little too stiff. Bruno said that he should be mister smooth and slinky and he was all rough and clunky.
Their score for the evening was: 19

The eight dancers to perform were Cloris and Corky. The comedic performers took a serious turn and danced a Pasadoble to a traditional bullfighting song. Bruno said it was surreal. Len said it was a traditional dance to traditional music and she did wonderful solo spins. Carrie Ann said that she hopes at 82 she is half the woman she is, but she missed her wit during the performance.
Their score for the evening was: 15

The ninth routine of the evening was performed by Susan and Tony. Tonight they danced a Rumba to, “Waiting On The World To Change.” Carrie Ann said that she thought that it was really nice and was transported into another world. Bruno said that it was a very good Rumba, but she danced like a virgin queen. Len said that he didn’t like it when Tony exposed himself. He also said that Susan acted the dance for them and it was well done.
Their score was: 21

The tenth dancers of the evening were Warren and Kym. They danced a powerful Pasadoble to the second traditional song of the evening. Len said that the dance had a dark amazing feel to it and it was intense. Carrie Ann said that he was the Pasadoble killer. Bruno said that the dance was like a Lamborgini on the freeway.
Their score was: 24

The final dancers to perform tonight were Cody and Julianne, they danced a Rumba to, “Bleeding The Love.” Bruno said he was like a kid in a candy store. He has to learn control and needs to focus. Len said that it lacked a little polish and finesse, but said he was on fire. Carrie Ann thought that it was an innocent Rumba and was attractive.
Their score for the evening was: 21

The highest judges scores tonight were for Brooke and Derek and Warren and Kym with a 24. The lowest judges scores were forCloris and Corky with a 15.

Tomorrow night one more couple will be eliminated and Jessica Simpson will perform. There will alsobe an electric dance routine featuring one of the dancers of step up and a pussycat doll.

The show airs at 9 PM ET. on ABC.

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Photo Credit: ABC

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