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Dancing With The Stars: Bye, Bye Booty

September 30, 2008 08:46 PM by Paulene Hinds

Tonight on the second elimination show of Dancing With the Stars Jessica Simpson performed and the Macy’s Stars of Dancewere back with a choreographed routine by Brian Friedman. After last night where some stars sizzled and others fizzled, the eleven teams found out who left the ballroom dancefloor tonight.

The judges choice for the evening was Warren and Kym’s Pasadoble. They came out and wowed the crowd one more time with their hot performance. They tied with Brooke and Derek last night for the top spot on the leader board.

After their dance, hosts, Tom Bergeron and Samantha Harris revealed the first two couples that were safe for the evening.

The first couple continuing to the next round were Toni and Alec. Also moving onto next week are Rocco and Karina.

Jessica Simpson then took to the stage, accompanied by the professional dancers, singing two songs, her current hit “Come on Over” from her chart topping country album, “Do You Know,” and “Angels,” a special release cover.

Samantha spoke to the first two saved couples backstage. She asked Rocco if he could pull it off next week after being second from the bottom this week and having his fans rally aroundthem to save him. Rocco said, “We are humbled by this so much and I really appreciate your faith in me. Karina andI will come and bring it twice as hard next week.”

Samantha told Karina that she looked more excited than Rocco and Karina said, “I actually think that we were both ready that we might be the couple going home and we didn’t know what to expect. When they called our names, we didn’t think it was true.”

She then talked with Toni and asked her how happy she was to be saved first, since last week she was standing right to the very end of the show. Toni replied, “Greatly relieved.” She teased Alec about his non-singing talent.

The next two couples that were safe were revealed by Tom Bergeron. They were Cody and Julianne and Brooke and Derek.

Tom joked that the performers are not the only ones with hectic schedules and if the judges seem a little crankier than usual it is because Bruno and Len are not only taping this season’s DWTS here in the USA, but also are doing the show in the UK. Every week they tape the show here and then fly more than 5,000 miles to London to tape the show there as well. Bruno said that every week they do two episodes of the show in both countries. He looks at it as an Olympic event, while Len said that he isn’t on US or UK time but on “Len Gibbons” time! Why do they do it? Len said, “I just love being a part of the show.”

Backstage Samantha asked Cody if he was containing himself and he screamed! Julianne said, “I am surprised a little bit on how well he is picking up the routines, but he is an actor, so he should do okay.”

Brooke said that she was surprised by the judges comments that she was born to dance and commented, “I don’t feel like that at all.”

Returning for a third season is “Macy’s Stars of Dance,” featuring some of the best choreographers and performers from different styles of dance and offering viewers performances that represent the peak of achievement in their genres. Kicking off the first of these segments was a choreographed routine by Brian Friedman entitled “Neon,” where the dancers, including Step Up’s Jenna Dewan and The Pussycat Dolls’ Carmit Bachar, lit up the stage (they actually had lights on their costumes).

Next Tom revealed another couple that had been saved and it was Susan and Tony.

Tom talked about the red room and how it is the area that the dancers can let their emotion come out. It was compared to home base, a crimping room, and the room where the dancers go before they begin their dances and where they end up afterwards. It is the one place where the true colours of the performers show. The red room is where they all become friends, making it more difficult waiting to hear who is going to be eliminated each week.

The next two couples that have been saved this week where revealed by Tom and Samantha. The first was Warren and Kym, the next couple was Maurice and Cheryl.

Tom and Samanthathen revealed the remaining couples that were saved and would be returning next week to dance again.

The couples saved were Lance and Lacey, Misty and Max and Cloris and Corky. Going home are Kim and Mark. Kim said that her father died five years ago tonight and she knows that her father is looking over her and is very proud.

Watch week three of DWTS next Monday night at 8 PM ET and Tuesday at 9 PM ET on ABC.

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Photo Credit: ABC

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