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The Biggest Loser Sends Shock And Awe Into The Competition

September 30, 2008 07:17 PM by DA Southern


The Biggest Loser keeps losing at an alarming rate and we don’t mean just the weight. After a dismal week on the scales, one that both Host. Ali Sweeney, and the trainers, Bob and Jillian warned the teams of, we saw the Tom’s leave the ranch for their home and their cabs making four lost so far. To top it all off, Alison announced that the rest of the teams were to pack their bags as they were headed on a road trip.

After the shock wore off, the teams were seen packing for the trip as the location moved from the comfortable confines of the ranch to the Grand Canyon for some grueling fun in the sun. The spectacle of the Grand Canyon dwarfed the teams in the background as the majesty could not prepare the teams for what lie ahead.


Ali greeted the teams in a beautiful RV and them some camping gear explaining that one of the teams would get the RV and the rest would get the cots. Ali then took the teams into a convenience store to learn about the temptations that trap most who stop in them if they did not know what to look for.

Ali held up different snacks from the store and the teams had to guess the calories for the snacks and the winner would get the RV for the night. The catch, if someone guessed wrong, they had to eat the snack. Colleen and Jerry decided to sit it out as they had enough of losing a challenge. After the snack carnage was over, Ed and Heba won the RV to sleep in.

The teams all marched to the top of the canyon and met with Ali as she told them they were all on a journey, like the river below, and asked the team members to reflect on each of their individual journeys to this moment.


The teams went to the campsites and were surprised how desolate the site was. It was funny to watch the teams struggle with their camping experience and try to find ways to exercise without the constant taunting of Bob and Jillian. You have got to wonder how much it wore them out for the challenge the next day.

On the Colorado River the teams were put through their paces as Ali told them they had to paddle a kayak and not touch the dock or they would be out. The last team to touch the dock would win the challenge and an RV. One family member paddled while the other family member fed the rope that held the kayak out. Shellay made a huge error as she threw all of the rope in at once causing Amy to stop dead in the water. After the teams paddle out, the family members had to try and stop themselves from being pulled in by opposite team members. When it was over, Ed and Heba not only stayed in an RV while at the canyon, they got to take one home, too, as the winner of the challenge.


.Meanwhile back at the ranch, the teams were back at the Last Chance Workout with Bob and Jillian and all were nervous as they had not worked out with them for a while. Bob and Jillian was highly irritated when they learned that they teams did not make a great effort to hike or work out while at the Canyon and had no mercy in them at the Last Chance Workout, which had Jerry carted off to the hospital and Michelle crying out of exhaustion to Jillian.

At the weigh-in there was a major surprise announced by Ali when she told the teams that no one would be voting tonight as only one couple would be going below the yellow line and that only one family member would be leaving as we start to move towards a single person game once again. The shock on the faces of the teams, and the trainers, was incredible as they all realized that the should have worked harder at the Canyon. The weigh-in started and the Red team started the weigh-in since they won the weigh-in last week.


Red team, Phil and Amy, lost 10 lbs and 5 lbs for a 2.95% loss for the week.
Brown team, Brady and Vicky, lost 5 lbs and 3 lbs for a 1.51% loss for the week.
Pink team, Renee and Michelle, lost 6 lbs and 3 lbs for a 1.91% loss for the week.
Orange team, Ed and Heba, lost 10 lbs and 6 lbs for a 2.72% loss for the week.
Purple team, Shellay and Amy, lost 3 lbs and 6 lbs for a 2.14% loss for the week.
Yellow team, Jerry and Coleen, with Jerry actually gaining 2 lbs and Coleen lost 7 lbs, a .89% loss, sending them below the yellow line and Jerry probably out of the game.


Coleen agonized over the decision of sending her dad home and it was probably time for him to leave anyway as he could not physically compete. As the two talked it over, Jerry tried to convince Coleen that she had a better chance to be The Biggest Loser if she stayed at the ranch.

At the end, in the elimination room, the decision was quick and not so painless as Ali pressed the pair for a decision and Jerry was going home to heal and hopefully, lose some weight on his own.


In an after look, Jerry had gone back and managed to leave the 380 lbs he came with to the ranch and lost 70 lbs to date since returning home and even the show doctor said that it was a dramatic turnaround when he went to visit him in Cleveland.

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