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America’s Next Top Model Cycle 11: What a Disaster

October 01, 2008 06:28 PM by Britteny Elrick

Only nine girls remaining in theAmerica’s Next Top Modelcompetition. Tonight, the girls are excited to receive a visit from Paulina, whotests some of their behind the scenes abilities. When it comes time for the photo shoot, the girls had better be prepared for anything because hurricane Tyra will be forcing someone to leave the model house for good.

Clark’s picture is up on display in the house this week, and the girls have finally gotten over their shock of a surprise double elimination last week.

Marjorie gets some flak for being “negative” but she just sees it as”a mild form of realism”and perhaps a cultural difference. The girls keep telling her she needs to stopbringing her negative energy around them. Joslyn is a little shaken up because she hasn’t been producing good photos and calls home for some support. Samantha is freaking out about how she was in the bottom two last week and the designer was less than pleased with her performance (of pulling up her dress on the runway).

TYRA MAIL: Just because it doesn’t fit, doesn’t mean you should be closed minded.

The girls arrive in the basement of a warehouse and find Paulina wearing a hideous, over-sizedskirt suit. She tells them that ninety percent of the time they will be doing catalogue shoots, and they have to learn how to make themselves look good. She hands them shoulder pads,tool belts, duct tape, and hot pink hard hats. Their task is to find an outfit and use their tools to make it fit them. Paulina gets ready to pick a winner and Marjorie has a mini-breakdown of nervousness. Clearly,Marjorie is way too hard on herself, and Paulina says she looks like she’s about to throw up. Marjorie says she is out of her comfort zone and she has a hard time dealing with rejection; however, Paulina can relate to the European mentality and cheers her up a bit. The winner of the exercise who wins fifty extra frames is McKey.

TYRA MAIL: Are you a force of nature, a devastating beauty, or a natural disaster?

THE SHOOT: The girls arrive at their shoot and all the sudden the lights start flashing on and off and a crazy monster starts roaring and running around. Jay announces that they are going to be monsters acting out disasters on an LAmovie set. Guest photographer will be Brian Edwards.

Marjorie still struggles with her negative feelings and lack of confidence. Jay tells her that he had to spoon feedher through the shoot and she feels even worse. McKey didn’t even need her extra frames as she nailed the shoot. Sam was verycreative, and Joslyn had no energy.

THE JUDGING: Marjorie (traffic jam) is first and they think her photo was good, and Paulina tries to encourage her more. Lauren’s photo (snowstorm) was very goodbut Brian said she was too “posy” and the judges tell her she has to take it to the next level. Sam (tidal wave) did a good job, particularly in contorting her body. Clark (blackout) got stuck on trying to look pretty and wasn’t committing 100%. Elina (earthquake) had a very intense photo, yet it was still beautiful. Sheena (sandstorm)had a really good shot, but they said she needed more energy. Analeigh (windstorm) they thought was fun, and her entire film was good. Joslyn (rock-slide) has been slipping the past couple weeks and Nygel tells her she needs to think back to the first two weeks. McKey (heatwave) had a good photo and Tyra loved it, but Nygel thought it was a bit boring.

Samantha is the first one called as the picture of the week. Next best photo is Analeigh, followed by McKey, Elina, Marjorie, Lauren, and Sheena. Clark, last week’s winner,and Joslyn are in the final two. Tyra tells Joslyn that her fire has faded, and she tells Clark that she has slowly improved. She says they are neck and neck in their photo shoots, but Joslyn’s personality got her by this week. Clarkis senthome.

The show currentlyairs Wednesdays on the CW at 8 PM ET.

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Photo Credit: The CW

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