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Jeff Probst In Awe Over Survivor Emmy Win

October 01, 2008 03:00 PM by Paulene Hinds

Jeff Probst Wins Emmy Award

After winning his first Emmy for Outstanding Reality Host for Survivor, Jeff Probstis still staring at the statuette sitting in his living room in awe. He told PEOPLE, “It didn’t hit me ’til the other day. I came downstairs and I had my tux still slung over the couch and the Emmy still sitting on a coffee table with a piece of paper with my name on it.”

Jeff commented that this Emmy is different that winning the one a few years ago, “We won an Emmy a few years ago for the show but this one, as an individual award, it feels good. I am so proud of it. I’m not embarrassed to say I left it out on the coffee table!”

He had a great time partying after his win last week and enjoyed the after parties on Sunday night. He commented, “Kristin Chenoweth and I hung out with Neil Patrick Harris and David Burtka and they were so gracious.”

How did the other nominees react to Jeff winning the award? The day after the show, he says, “Ryan [Seacrest], Howie [Mandel] and Tom [Bergeron], all three called me and each one said, ‘You deserved it.’ That meant as much to me. These guys know the kind of work we do and they made it feel Okay.”

Jeff is currently resting in his Los Angeles home after another season of taping Survivor, which is set in Gabon Africa and is currently airing on NBC.

“Gabon was actually a very hard season,” Jeff says. “But things just played out that there was a group of people who were likeable and endearing in an almost naÃve way, and there was another group that was take-no-prisoners.”

The host shows exactly why he won this Emmy as he leaves us hanging: “Will a nice person win or will a mean person win? The season is a slow burn but there is a definite build to the end!”

Survivor Gabon airs Thursdays at8 PM ET on CBS.

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Photo Credit: ABC

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