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Project Runway Gets Organic As The Designers Seek A Spot At Bryant Park

October 01, 2008 09:27 PM by DA Southern


Project Runway has thrown us fashion crazed loonies like myself a curve ball, even though we already knew kinda what it was. That makes no sense what-so-ever but this is Project Runway and what would it be if we did not have some drama every episode, right?

It was all drama at the Atlas apartments where the designers all stay as the three girls were so not getting along…well, Kenley was not getting along…and was still pissed at Leanne for sabotaging her design my walking like a rapper. It doesn’t matter that the design sucked, but drama is what it is all about. Poor Jerell was all alone in the boys room and he was seen using various kitchen items as the designers who have left and was having a conversation with them…OK, enough, already.

project runway final-four

The crazy kids are greeted by Heidi and told after losing a model, that they need to see Tim for a field trip that we have come to love on Project Runway, where the designers finally get to look to someplace fun for inspiration. Tim finally informed the designers that they were headed to the New York Botanical Gardens for inspiration. Tim and the designers were greeted by Collier Strong, consulting makeup artist for L’Oreal Paris, who informed the designers that they were using nature to create a beautiful evening gown.

pr-tim-and-Collier Strong

Tim took the four back to Parsons and told them they had thirty minutes to choose an inspiration picture and would have two days to finish the design. The gang was back to Parsons and Tim said they had until midnight and the next day to complete the designs. When the designer ranks gets thinned out, we don’t have as much drama because the designers get so focused and besides Kenley, seem to like each other.

The second day of the challenge had Kenley being the odd man out as the other three seemed to just be happy and Kenley looked angry at everybody. Definitely bad Karma. Tim was in bright and early for a model fitting and none of the designers seemed to have enough of their dresses done enough to have a good idea of the final outfit.

Tim gathered the herd for another visit with Collier Strong and he guided the designers thriugh the world of make-up as it portrayed to their designs. Kenley was complaining about being left out of the group and said that she was used to it as it has always been that way for her. Wait, I am actually feeling sorry for her.


Tim was in to chit-chat with the designers and approached Korto first and was very concerned about the lace she was using on her dress. Tim said it was bothering him a lot and was off to Kenley next, who he has never had a nice conversation with. As usual, Kenley didn’t agree with Tim and said that she was complimented when Tim said her dress looked like scales because that was the look she was going for. Wait, were there fish at the gardens? Next to Jerell and Tim was concerned that it looked “Unfinished.” Leanne was next on the “Hit-List’ and said her design was very “Hello Dolly-ish,” which caused a silky liquid to pour from her eyes.


On the Day of the Runway Show, you could see the stress wearing on the designers like a ball and chain as they all had issues with their designs, although Jerell seemed farther along than the others, even though he managed to cry a bit before heading out the door.

Tim was in to give them the dreaded “1 hour” call before the show and off we went to the Runway Show and the final drilling from the judges before the Bryant Park show for our final three designers. Heidi greeted them and reiterated the challenge and introduced the judges, Michael Kors, Nina Garcia and guest judge, Georgina Chapman, Co-Founder and Designer of Marchesa, and started the show.

pr-guest-judge-Georgina Chapman, Co-Founder and Designer of Marchesa

First out was Korto’s design and it was a beautiful yellow gown that did seem to reflect nature and it flowed quite nicely. Leanne’s was next and had some ruffles on a beautiful layered lavender fabric that looked very nice when it was put together. Jerell’s gown was stunning and it is easy to see him in the final three as his work has been outstanding in the last several weeks. Kenley’s was last and it did have a real flower feel but was maybe a bit too much like a flower. It was tough to see how the judges were feeing but after the chat with the judges, the designers all had a sense who was well liked over the others.


Leanne was first to explain her design and the judges seemed mixed about the dress. Korto was next on the hot seat and her dress really reflected the flower picture she chose. The judges seemed to think it was made beautiful but Michael Kors though it too “Beauty Pageant” looking for his taste. Even though the dress was made well, the dress wasn’t classy enough for the judges taste. Jerell was inspired by a clump of the dresses ans the judges thought it the better looking of the bunch but saw some technical difficulties with the dress. Finally Kenley stepped up to the plate and defended her scaled looking dress and argued with the judges once again and the judges were finally getting fed up with her attitude.

Heidi asked all of the designers why they wanted to go to Bryant Park with them. All of the designers dissed Kenley and Kenley picked Jerell and Leanne, which was a shock because we all thought she was mad at Leanne.


At the end, Bryant Park will see the designs of Jerell, who won the challenge, and Heidi sent them all home to make a fashion collection and that one of them will be out before the show. The next two weeks will have Tim jet setting across the country to check out the designer’s collections heading to the finale on October 15th.

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