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Survivor: Gabon — Paloma’s Torch Snuffed

October 02, 2008 07:20 PM by Ryan Haidet

Paloma voted out third.

After voting two people out back to back, Survivor: Gabon‘s Fang tribe returned to camp on Night 6 still coping with all their challenge losses. Crystal said that getting rid of Gillian was a good thing because she was a major weak link. But Randy couldn’t believe how idiotic his tribe was acting. He said that winning was starting to look out of reach.

Fang had been cooking three meals a day and their food supply was getting low. Randy stepped in and suggested that they start cooking less or they would be running out soon. GC said, “I remember throwing away a half pot of rice.” Although it appeared they all agreed with Randy, there was definitely tension building between him and GC.

Over at Kota, Paloma was frustrated with Ace, but Sugar wasn’t because she trusted him and said she thinks he can keep her safe until the end. Treemail arrived and the group took from the hints that they would be competing for bedding. That’s when Ace said that they didn’t need to push too hard to win because it was only for sleeping materials. He felt they were sleeping just fine and should exert more of their energy on Immunity Challenges.

Pulling players from the post

At the Reward Challenge, one member from each tribe had to try and hold on to a post. Two members of the opposing tribe would then try to yank them off of it and drag them across a line. The first tribe to score two points would win blankets, pillows, a hammock and more.

Up first, GC and Matty were working to pull Ace off of his post. Ace held strong and gave the two Fang members a run for their money. GC even slowed down and looked like he gave up. Charlie and Marcus, however, fought hard with Dan and pulled him across the line first.

Kota – 1; Fang – 0.

Ace suggested Paloma be the next person to try and hold on to the pole. She did just that, but Randy and Crystal had no problem ripping her off of it and dragging her across the line like a doll. “You’re done! You’re done,” Randy yelled as he dragged her along.

Paloma is dragged across the line during the Reward Challenge.

Kota – 1; Fang – 1.

It came down to one more battle. Marcus and Bob were working to pull Dan off while Crystal and Matty were fighting to pull Ace off. This was a much closer contest as each team struggled. But Fang prevailed with their first win as Ace was dragged across the line.

They chose to send Sugar to Exile.

Exile brings prize

When Sugar arrived at Exile she immediately took the clue over comfort because she thought the idol was still likely there. Equipped with two clues (the same one Dan had and the second one being a map), she was off on the hunt.

Although bugs attacked her and she seemed to be hitting a low point, she found the sandy crater that housed another clue to the idol. She went looking for her next destination — a tree that held another clue. Of course, that led her to another hint, which was by some burnt wood. The scavenger hunt for safety took her back into a wooded area where she crossed a small creek and found the idol on the backside of a tree. “I can’t believe I found it and the lawyer didn’t,” she said.

Back at camp, Ace made it clear to Bob that he thought Paloma was weak. He felt they could trust Sugar, too. But Bob wasn’t so sure of Ace’s intentions. Corinne later approached Bob and invited him to be the fifth member of the alliance. She said in a confessional that none of them planned on taking him far, but they needed him now for the numbers.

Slippin’ and slidin’ for Immunity

Sugar returned from Exile just in time to compete in the third Immunity Challenge. One player at a time from each tribe had to launch themselves down a slippery slide into a lake. Once they splashed down they had to retrieve a numbered tile. After six people went and nabbed the tiles, one tribe member had to use them to solve a number puzzle. The answer became a combination that would open a locked box, which held a blade. The first to open the box and use the knife to chop a rope would win the safety of the idol.

Fang had a lead early on, but lost it rather quickly as Kota was the first to come back with all six tiles. Bob started solving the puzzle first, but Ken was right behind him. Both had difficulties with the puzzle at first, but after several attempts, Ken got it right and led Fang to victory.

Kota prepares to vote out first member

After the challenge, Kota returned to camp as Sugar tried to play stupid about her search for the hidden idol at Exile. But she didn’t keep her secret from Ace. She told him all about it, which thrilled Ace because he felt like it was their key to making it to the end of the game. With that, he was ready to vote Paloma out.

But Paloma wasn’t planning on going so easily. She approached Corinne about Ace’s cocky ways. Corinne definitely agreed that he was a sneaky person and said she didn’t trust him. She even said that he’s a con artist and that his accent might be phony.

Corinne went to Charlie with the concerns about Ace and appeared to be rallying to get him voted out.

Tribal Council

Marcus said that Ace has a big personality, to which Paloma replied by saying he was no hero to her. Kelly chimed in and said that Ace is sometimes condescending around camp. Host Jeff Probst asked Ace if all the negative talk made him feel uneasy. Ace responded to that by saying you can never feel safe at Tribal Council. That’s when Paloma pointed out that he didn’t bring his bag with him.

After each Kota member made their votes, Probst returned with the votes. When Paloma saw that two were against Ace, she looked excited — that is until the rest of the votes were for her. Moments later Paloma’s torch was the third snuffed out.

In her final words, Paloma said she had fun, but would never watch Survivor again if Ace won the $1 million.

Images courtesy of CBS.

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