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Supernanny Helps Family With Defiant Teen And Tweens

October 03, 2008 09:00 AM by Joe Reality

Quinn Family On Supernanny

On the fifth season premiere of Supernanny, Jo Frost pays a visit to the Quinn family in Amherst, New Hampshire. The Quinn family consists of Gina and David Quinn and their four children. David Quinn is a chiropractor, and he often acts just like a big kid. He laughs at the kids, even when their behavior goes too far. Gina is a personal trainer, and she often finds herself all alone in refereeing the kids. Gina admits, “We are at a total loss.”

Fourteen year old Casey in on the wrestling team at school, and he is often physically and verbally aggressive at home. Casey punches, shoves and hits when interacting with his siblings. The other Quinn children are sixteen year old Cally, ten year old Corey, and nine year old Carli.

All four children avoid doing chores, while protesting that they are paid enough. Gina doesn’t always enjoy being around he children, and David tends to engage in nervous laughter when the children disobey him. David is even injured when engaging in physical horseplay with Casey.

Supernanny not only has to get the kids under control, but she also has to lecture Dad about changing his ways. In order to unite the family, Jo Frost takes them on a snowshoe hike. Each member of the family gets to serve as leader during a portion of the hike. When Joe Frost tells the family they will be spending the night at the campsite’s rustic bunkhouse, both Cally and her mom throw a fit.

Supernanny airs on Friday, October 3 from 9 PM to 10 PM ET on ABC.

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Photo Credit: ABC/Claire Folger

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