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Extreme Makeover, Home Edition: Akers’ Home Fit For Angels!

October 05, 2008 06:10 PM by Candace Young

The second episode of the “Heroes” series opens with Ty at the top of a pyramid of cheerleaders! As the bus heads to West Chester, Ohio, Ty introduces the Design Team to the Akers family. He explains that the young son and father both suffer from Crohn’s Disease, and the family’s two daughters suffer from Spinal Muscular Atrophy (SMA) for which there is no cure. Both girls have undergone surgeries and are completely dependent on others to meet their needs. Their home is multi-level and it is very difficult for Ginger, the mom, to get the girl’s up and down the stairs – she’s even had to have a hernia operation herself!

Akers Family Door Knock – Day 1

Ty uses the bullhorn to wake up the family and there are hugs all around. Ty acknowledges that the house has been a bit like a prison for them, and says he and his Design Team are going to change all that! He announces that the family is going on vacation – to San Francisco!

They show Ty the inside of the house and he is stunned to see that there are so many stairs and levels for them to contend with. Brooke Akers tells Ty that she worries about the rest of her family, even though she can’t do anything for herself and even has to be physically turned by someone in the middle of the night to prevent accidental death! Ty tells her she is awesome!

Christian, the son, tells Paul that he loves baseball. The youngest, Faith, tells Paige that she would really like to have butterflies in her room. Outside, Ed is amazed to discover that there is even a flight of stairs to get to the backyard. The father, Greg, explains that the pool is a very important thing for Brooke for physical therapy. He also admits that their medical bills are about $180,000 per year! Meanwhile, Ginger recounts to Ty the story of how they were told by the doctor that their daughter would never walk. Ty offers her an embrace.

Day 2

The crowd is gathered outside of the Akers family home, and Scott Dallis, who is heading up the builder team tells what an honor it is to be a part of such a project. Via video, the family sees the people gathered back in West Chester and listen to a heartfelt speech from Brooke’s former first grade teacher, Brooke Chapman. As the cheerleaders perform a routine on the lawn, the excavators and heavy machinery move in and demolish the house! In San Francisco, Christian exclaims, “My house is, like, dust now!”

Day 3, 4

Paige is designing huge, colorful butterfly wings for Faith’s room. Nearby, Paul is laying out plans for a baseball diamond for Christian’s bedroom! Ty is looking for ideas for Brooke’s bedroom at a center, which helps kids with SMA – they tell him to be sure she has an oversized bathroom. Ed is looking after the pool, and finding out what he needs to accessorize in order to make it easier for the kids to access it!

Michael attends a community meeting where it is announced by Brooke Chapman that they have raised $50,000 for the family, and also that CVS Pharmacy is going to pay off the mortgage! The family weeps with happiness as they watch via video.

Day 5, 6

Ed is installing a special lift that will transfer the kids in and out of the pool and Paul is making an audience for Christian’s baseball diamond. Michael is down at Home Depot and is purchasing a new kitchen where the girls will be able to ‘wheel right up’ and help mom cook!

In San Francisco, the kids are overwhelmed to receive a call from Ty telling them that they are going to see their favorite band, The Jonas Brothers, in concert! They get to meet the guys first, and Brooke recounts how she kissed one of them! At the show, The Jonas Brothers dedicate a song to the Akers family, which causes the boy, Christian to become very emotional!

Day 7

Back at the house, all of the fixtures, flooring and tiling have gone in and Ty announces that he has the keys! Everyone shouts as they begin to move in the furniture.

Next, Ty announces to the huge crowd that they have finished the house. The limo containing the Akers family pulls up. The family gets out and Greg explains that he wanted to show the people assembled a lot of appreciation. Everyone chants, “Move that bus!” The family is stunned and Brooke remarks that it looks like Cinderella’s castle. The family shares hugs with Scott Dallis of Dallis’s Designer Homes, who expresses how wonderful it was to be a part of the transformation. Ty then tells the family that CVS has also stepped up and taken care of all of the family’s medical debt!

The family enters their new home, and the girls buzz around the open spaces in their wheelchairs. Ginger marvels that the girls can reach the countertops in the kitchen! Faith opens the door to her own room and is tickled to see her purple room decorated with butterflies. Brooke visits her new room and gapes at the beauty of her new pink room. “It looks like he made it for an angel.” He points out the computer screen, which can control the lights and everything in the room by voice activation. Ty explains that it’s a whole new life for Brooke – she even has a lift in her bath.

Christian opens the door to his room, which is a replica baseball field – he is blown away. Bronson Arroyo from the Cincinnati Reds has donated a signed baseball card, but better yet, he shows up in the boy’s bedroom! Christian shakes hands with his hero and finds out that he is going to be throwing out the first pitch at the Reds home game! The boy is so overwhelmed he has to sit down! “Oh, thank you God!”

The parents are shown into their new earthy master bedroom with double doors. They embrace. Next, the family gathers out on the new backyard patio to see the new pool with the lift. Brooke notes that she is so happy for her mom and dad, who won’t have to lift her anymore! Ty announces yet another surprise – $100,000 has been donated by the All American Company that built the Reds Stadium, for the kids to attend college!

Ginger notes that the only thing left is to find a cure for SMA, all of her other worries have been taken care of. Ty hollers, “Welcome home, Akers family!” Ed jumps in the pool!

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Photos Courtesy: Dayton Daily News, Cincinnati Enquirer, and Oxford Press.

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