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The Amazing Race 13: Bring it on Brazil

October 05, 2008 06:49 PM by Britteny Elrick

Ten teams squared off in thesecond leg of The Amazing Race tonight, as the remaining pairs lefta 17th century fortress in El Salvador, to head to Fortaleza, Brazil.Alliances are forming and tensionsare building between some of the players. One team finds it particularly difficult as they misread the directions on two different clues, which sets them back significantly. Find out which team will be taking their next flight back to the States…

Newly dating couple, Terrence and Sarah, continue to argue about his jealousy. Nick and Starr are the first team to depart for a flight to Fortaleza, Brazil, followed shortly by their alliance Ken and Tina. Mark and Bill feel like they have an advantage over a lot of the other teams since they don’t have to live with each other when the race is done.

Nick/Starr and Ken/Tina find out that there are no seats left on the plane, however, Tina keeps persisting until they switch them to a larger one. Terrence /Sarah, Aja /Ty, Mark/ Bill, and Dallas/ Toni were also able to get on the first flight. The ticket agent agreed to let Tina and Ken have seats toward the front of the plane. Some of the players (especially Terrence) start to get into an argument when they are boarding the plane because Tina thinks she should be first in line since she got the arrangements for everyone.

Stephanie and Anthony are really hoping to win the race because financial issues are what are postponing their marriage plans. When the contestants arrive in Brazil, they are all very confused as to how to get out of the airport. Terrence and Sarah take the lead and are the first to get the clue. They are to take a dune buggy down the beach to find their next clue. All the teams have caught up now, with Anthony and Stephanie in last place.

DETOUR: Beach it, or dock it.

Beach it: They have to use a two man crew to set logs across the sand, put a boat on top of it, and drag the boat to water.

Dock it: They must search for a container hidden in a shipyard, then scour a database to find a number that matches theirs, which will then give help them to find another container that has their next clue.

The recent divorcees, Kelly and Christy decide that they are tough enough to beach it, along with all but one other team -Mark and Bill. Kelly and Christy finished the detour, however, they got confused in thinking they needed to find a container somewhere (which was for the other task). They keep digging in the sand, but finally leave to go get a taxi.

Then the teams have to take a taxi to a park which is the final pitstop. Terrance and Sarah struggle to get a taxi and more of Terrence’s anger comes out. Finally, Dallas stops and tells them they are in the wrong spot. Terrence was so impressed with this that he considers aligning with the pair.

ROAD BLOCK: [only one person completes] Mark and Bill are the first to arrive. They must search for a clue hidden in plain sight, and find the name of their next destination somewhere on a huge wall of portugese ads. After they have their guess, they have to hand it to a person who will tell them yes, or no. Instead of picking one location and running back to the wall every time, Mark just writes all the words down and uses the process of elimination. Kelly and Christy mess up again, when they realize they forgot to ask their taxi to wait for them. Nick is confused and thinks he needs to break up the words and figure out the meaning, which takes them from third to sixth place.

Ken and Tina are the first team to arrive at the park, followed closely by Mark and Bill. Later on, it is a close race between Terrence/Sarah, Aja/Ty, and Toni/Dallas who all tie for third. Nick/Starr, Anthony/Stephanie, Marissa/Brooke, and Andrew/Dan are still stuck on the wall. Andrew/Dan are team eight, while Marissa and Brooke are team nine. Anthony and Stephanie are the last to arrive, thus they are going home. They said they have learned that they have alot to be thankful for and that money isn’t everything.

The Amazing Race airsSunday nights at8 PM ET on CBS.

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