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Dancing With the Stars, The Show Must Go On!

October 06, 2008 07:52 PM by Paulene Hinds

ABC promised us more surprises this season on Dancing With The Stars and I think even they have gottenmore than they bargained for. On Friday, Misty-May hurt herself during a rehearsal with Maks and tonight she had to back out of the competition due to that injury.

The show began with the usual introduction of the dance teams with one exception…Misty and Maks were not there. Host Tom Bergeron and Samantha Harris promised that later on in the show, Misty would come out and speak for the first time about what happened.

The first dancers of the evening were Susan and Tony. After making a visit to the Rockettes to perfect her kicks, they danced a Jive to, “Why Do Fools Fall In Love.” As they approached the judges, Tom commented on her bandaged ankle. She injured herself during the rehearsal today and had to sit out of her dress rehearsal. Len said that Susan has kept a constant standard throughout. Bruno said that Susan really had the look right tonight. He had a hard time keeping his eyes up at her face! He said that her foot was a bit unsteady, maybe due to her injury, but she started to get the heat coming out and he felt she was going the right way. Carrie Ann said that she looked a bit timid and she wanted to see her be a bit more courageous and confident. They scored a 21.

The second dancers of the evening were the contemporary team of Lance and Lacey. After spending two weeks in judge Len Goodman’s bad books for being too current with their moves, they decided to work their magic on him with their traditional Viennese Waltz…taking it to an old age home for a test! They danced to, “That May Be Who I Am.” Bruno said that Lance and Lacey have turned into prim and proper and their dancing seemed a little heavy on the down beat. He liked the sparkle from last week. Carrie Ann thought that it was fantastic and thought that Lance danced just as well as Lacey did. The hush fell over the crowd as Len spoke. He said that they were flat footed, had poor posture and the holds were poor, great content and by far their best dance he had seen. They scored a 22.

Third up this evening were Maurice and Cheryl. Maurice took a few hits from Len last week as well when Len told him that he talks the talk, but doesn’t walk the walk. They danced a Jive to “Rock Around The Clock.” Carrie Ann said that he is like a wild untamed beast. Len said that it was Maurice’s best dance. Bruno said that Maurice can rock when he wants to. They scored a 24.

Next on the dance floor were Rocco and Karina.Karina took awayRocco’s sight literally, by blindfolding him to help him improve his dancing for the Viennese Waltz. They danced to, “What’s New Pussycat.” Len said that he didn’t mind it and that there were elements that were very good, but he loses his timing when he gets over excited. Bruno told Rocco that he should have kept his blindfold on as he doesn’t keep his musicality going. Carrie Ann told Bruno that he was crazy and Rocco was the most improved of all the dancers. Their score tonight was 20.

Tom explained that none of the contestants know how the viewers are voting and encouraged everyone to continue calling in to keep the dancers guessing by voting for their favorites!

Warren and Kym came out tonight and switched gears from the Pasadoble to the Viennese Waltz. He tried to pull out his romantic side as they danced to, “Loving You Is Easy.” Bruno said…Big, slow and beautiful. He said that Warren just gets each dance. Carrie Ann said that she loves just what he did out there and it is every girls’s dream come true…to be swept off their feet by a big hunky guy. Len said that he thought that the dance wasn’t going to work for him, butWarren is giving those skinny people a run for their money, well done! They scored a 25.

The sixth dancers of the evening were Cody and Julianne. Tonight Cody embraced his youthful energy to dance the Jive. They danced to, “They Call Me the Breeze.” Carrie Ann said that Cody was counting the whole time and it was a little awkward for her. Len said that he understands the counting and he thought that the first half was great, but he didn’t like the repetition of the leg playing. Bruno said that he spent too much time playing the guitar on Julianne’s leg. Their score for the evening was 21.

Toni and Alec danced next. Tonight she hoped not to lift her feet off of the ground and perform a Viennese Waltz. They danced to a modern take of, “Fur Elise.” It was the first creepy dance of the season. Even Tom Bergeron said that he would like to trash a room after watching their dance! Len said if it is not broke don’t fix it and he didn’t enjoy it at all. He said that Toni doesn’t need gimmicks and props as she is a talented dancer. Bruno told her she has it all, she doesn’t need to over produce. Carrie Ann said that she liked it and got it and that the original dance was scandalous in its time and she understood that. Their score was 22.

The ever funny Cloris and Corky were next to hit the floor. Tonight they worked up her stamina for the Jive! They were going all out on entertainment tonight to keep up with the young bucks on the dance floor. They danced to, “The Girl Can’t Help It.” I was in hysteria through most of the routine! After Corky rang in his partner, Cloris told the judges she just wanted 1′s. Bruno said it was wacky and it would take all the shrinks in the world a lifetime to analyze it. Carrie Ann said that she wanted crazy Cloris and she got it and what she lacked in technique she got in entertainment. When Cloris asked what she lacked in technique, Len said that she did do some basic steps and Corky will explain it to her.

They have to keep this lady in it just for the entertainment value. I think the viewers may boycott the show otherwise! They scored a 16.

Last up tonight was the team that scored the highest each week with the judges, Brooke and Derek. This week though Brooke and Derek had a few battles because of her lack of ability to retain the dance moves. Brooke even walked out at one point. They danced a Viennese Waltz to, “Mothers Be Good To Your Daughters.” Carrie Ann said that Brooke is quickly becoming her favorite dancer. Len said it was the best dance this season so far. Bruno said that she is beautiful to watch and complimented the choreography. Their score was 28. WOW a 10 from LEN!!!

Tom then went on to tell us what happened to Misty May. She came out in crutches and they showed the actual footage of the injury. Her foot popped. Her diagnosis is a ruptured achilles tendon. She told Tom that she is out for the season of dancing, but is not out from cheering on the competitors.

Tom asked her if her world of volleyball would be effected and she said that she would be taking time off with her husband and this injury came at the perfect time for her. She is going into surgery tomorrow and will come back bigger and stronger. They invited Maks down and Misty said that he is such an awesome dancer and she learned so many great moves from him. Maks said that he is more emotional than Misty and he said that she is Angelic and is sad that she is leaving. He said that he is impressed by her in every aspect and he hopes that Misty will forgive him for pushing her so hard. Misty promised to come back and do the Jive after she gets better! They went for a trip down memory lane by video footagefor the couple!

Tomorrow night, Oscar winner, Jennifer Hudson guest stars as well as R&B Superstars Cool And The Gang. The Macy’s Stars of Dance will feature the New York Music City’s Rockettes.

The show is on at a special time tomrrow night 8 PM ET.

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Photo Credit: ABC

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