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Dancing With The Stars: Surprise!

October 07, 2008 07:25 PM by Paulene Hinds

Last Night on Dancing With The Stars, Misty May revealed that she would be out of the competition due to an injury that she sustained on Friday. This put added pressure on the rest of the stars and there was a wide range of emotions shown on and off the stage. It was an electrifying night on the dance floor as the stars delivered one of the best nights of the competition yet. Tonight the results revealed who was the fourth team going home or was there another surprise in store for everyone?

Before the results began, Tom Bergeron announced that Misty May had surgery earlier today and then Maks and Edyta danced the Jive that Misty and Maks were to perform last night, dedicating it to her.

The Results on the leader board after the judges voted last night were:
Cloris and Corky in last place with 16
Rocco and Karina
were in 8th place with 20
Cody and Julianne and Susan and Tony both had21
Lance and Lacey
and Toni and Alec tied for 4th with 22
Maurice and Cheryl secured 3rd with 24
Warren and Kym
came in 2nd with 25
Brooke and Derek
were at the top of the leader board with a season high of 28

Tom and Samantha then revealed the first two couples that were safe to dance next week. Brooke and Derek and Cloris and Corky(YAY) would be back next week.

The “Dancing with the Stars” stage was transformed into a disco with Kool and the Gang performing a medley of “Jungle Boogie,” “Ladies Night” and “Celebrate,” accompanied by six disco dancers paying tribute to 1973 and the new drama “Life on Mars,” premiering Thursday, October 9 10:01 PM ET on the ABC.

This evening all of the dancers discussed what their strengths were and how bringing them those skills to the dance floor has helped them be competitive on the dance floor.

Tom and Samantha then announced the third couple that was safe to dance next week was Maurice and Cheryl.

Samantha talked with Brooke and Derek and commented on how they have been at the top of the leader board each week. She asked them if they would continue their upward swing all the way to the end of the competition and they told her that it is not as easy at it looks and encouraged the viewers to keep voting for them to keep them in the game.

Samantha then told Cloris that she was on the flip end of the scale and has been on the bottom of the leader board each week and Cloris talked some mumbo jumbo about dark haired people dancing much better than the blonde haired people in her family????

Samantha told Maurice that after last night they are contenders for this season. Maurice said that all the hard work is paying off and Cheryl said that Maurice will represent the Olympians for Misty.

Next, in the second “Macy’s Stars of Dance” performance of the season, the world famous Radio City Rockettes brought their signature high kicks and precision choreography to the ballroom. The legendary dance company has dazzled and inspired for more than 75 years as the stars of the Radio City Christmas Spectacular at Radio City Musical Hall in New York City.

Academy Award-winning actress and singer Jennifer Hudson took to the stage next, accompanied by professional dancers Julianne and Derek Hough, singing “Spotlight” from her self titled debut album released this week on Arista Records.

Choreographers Dave Scott, Brian Freidman, and Travis Payne thenspoke about the choreography on DWTS and how Ballroom dancing is one of the strictest forms of dancing. The tension they have to hold in their body and holding that form in the frame and their top line is hard to do.

The choreographers said that the dancers on this show are the most talented dancers there are. They believe that the celebrities this season all have different skills…the musicians who understand the musicality, the athletes that understand their body, actresses who are used to finding good angles for their faces and bodies.

From a choreographers postion, this season is especially great because all of the celebrities are so different and that it is going to make for a very fast moving competition.

Tom Bergeron talked about Misty May and her injury and they joked about an area of the ballroom floor that they call the “Bermuda Triangle.” It is where Misty, Derek and Susan were all injured this week.

Thedance teams talked about how physically demanding dance really is and that there is always a chance that you could get hurt. They joked that it is not only a full contact sport, but it is very physical and hard on your body.

The show then previewed the many injuries that have occurred this season as well as in past seasons of the show.

The next two couples saved this evening were revealed and they were,Warren and Kym and Toni and Alec.

The couples went back to the “red room” and talked with Samantha. Kym said that Warren is doing very well in the competition. Samantha then commented that the fans rallied around Toni and Alec and she was happy with her birthday present of being able to stay and have another chance to show the judges exactly why they are there.

At the end of the show, Tom announced that no one was going home tonight due to Misty’s injury, but they also revealed that what happens next is very important to the competition because the judges scores from last night and every vote from last night will be added to those the couples receive next week.

Tonight one couple would have a mountain to climb because for the first time ever they would reveal the couple with the lowest combined total who would be going home if Misty had remained on the show.

They revealed that Susan and Tony, Cody and Julianne, and Lance and Lacey were safe. Rocco and Karina should have been going home tonight and are now in the bottom place.

Bruno said that the low score couple needs to raise the game, come back, deliver a great performance to impress the judges and the public!

Watch the show next Monday at 8 PM ET on ABC and find out what the combined totals really mean for the dancers!

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Photo Credit: ABC

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  1. sharebear Says:
    October 8th, 2008 at 12:43 pm

    I’ve lost interest. I was a big fan of Misty May (even before this show) and now that she’s out, I have no one to root for. :-(


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