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America’s Next Top Model Cycle 11: Time to Act Like a Model

October 08, 2008 06:13 PM by Britteny Elrick

After learning some hard lessons from Paulina on last week’s America’s Next Top Model,the remaining eight models are in for a surprise when Tyrashows up to read them their mail.The girlsreceive one-on-one coaching sessions from Tyrato help themfind their “signature pose.” The girls will also have to try out a little bit of acting at the Orpheum Theatre for their weeklyphoto challenge. Find out which model will be walking that red carpet right back to their own front door…

The girls talk about their parents and how strict they were. Elina says her mom was so controlling when she grew up and that is why she is a control freak now. Lauren is concerned about last week’s comments and how her personality isn’t shining through in her photos. All the girls tell Analeigh that they don’t see her as the model type.

THE CHALLENGE: A bus takes the girls to a dressing room with designer clothes and a picture of Tyra, but no message. Tyra suddenly appears to read them the message. They are supposed to “find their style” and get dressed into little black dresses. They walk out to find Tyra getting her picture taken. She is there to help them find their signature pose. She tells them they are taking twenty pictures. The first ten they will do on their own and then they get to go back and have a critique session with Tyra.

Lauren and Analeigh had a particularly hard time finding their style. Lauren was too boring and Analeigh was trying too hard to show the “skater side.” Sheena still has a problem with being too “hoochy,” but eventually finds her niche. Tyra is frustrated with the fact that Elina can’t let go of the control and be natural. Marjorie channeled her awkwardness into a hunchback pose. The winner of the challenge was Marjorie! She chose Analeighand they were each able to select a piece of golden diamond jewelry worth almost $10,000.

TYRA MAIL: You better bring it or you’re never going to work in this town again.

PHOTO SHOOT: The girls arrive at the Orpheum Theatre which would be the backdrop of their photo shoot. The girls each have to act out an embarrassing award show moment. Marjorie is first and she has to pose getting caught in the bathroom – Jay was very impressed. Sam is supposed to have difficulties reading a queue card. Elina’s assignment is an over-emotional actress. She is very concerned that she won’t be able to lose control enough to complete the task. Jay asks her to feel “not good enough”and also tries to bring out her insecurities and she starts actually crying. Lauren’s job is to trip down the red carpet and she looked great, but they were less than impressed with her poses. McKey was supposed to be the girl who didn’t get the award, but thought she was. Sheena overcompensated in attempt to not look too sexual, but she ended up losing the energy.Analeigh was an interviewer with attitude and did very well.

THE JUDGING: McKey is firstand had a great photo, but didn’t give enough emotion. Sheena did well but didn’t use her body enough. Lauren did a good job getting into the character. Samantha’s photo didn’t portray her assigned task. Joslyn got rave reviews and she got a little emotional. Marjorie had a great photo in which she contorted her body and still kept her fact beautiful. The judges thought Lauren has been sliding rather than improving. Elina didn’t go a good job ofconveying her emotions into the photo. She starts crying in front of the judges and get frustrated that it wasn’t good enough.

First, Tyra calls thejudges pick for photoof the week: Marjorie. Analeigh is called next, followed by McKey, Samantha, Elina, andJoslyn. Lauren and Sheena are in thebottom two.Tyra tells them that they are polar opposites. Lauren is a high fashion beauty, but lacks the personality of Sheena. Tyra says Sheena is pretty but not modelesque, and then tells them that personality shines bright. Lauren goes home.

The show currentlyairs Wednesdays on the CW at 8 PM ET.

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Photo Credit: The CW

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