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Project Runway Has Their Final Three And Probably Not Who You Expect

October 08, 2008 08:19 PM by DA Southern


The Project Runway finale is just one week away as we get to see the creative process of each of the final four, Jerell, Korto, Kenley and Leanne knowing that even with all of their work, only three will finally show for real at Bryant Park.

Heidi greeted the final four and told them to go and create and to expect Tim to visit to check in on their process. Heidi told them that they each had $8000.00 and two months to put the collection together an that only three would compete. Heidi went on to say that they all had missteps in the last challenge of the Evening Gowns but that with more time and money, they should be able to put together a cohesive showing.


Kenley was as feisty as ever after Heidi’s instructions and wanted to “Stomp them to the ground, design wise.” If nothing else, we can always depend on Kenley’s head-strong attitude to create drama, which is a hallmark on Project Runway.

Jerell said that he was not sure what the girls would be doing but he would be designing “Pure magic.” Leanne said she “Had it in her” to win the competition and Korto added pretty much the same sentiment as we saw all of the designers head for home.


Four weeks later, Tim started his first home visits and Leanne was first to be visited. Leanne explained that most pieces were not finished and was not sure if Tim would love or hate the vision. With Kenley, Tim had his usual attitude as she said she valued his opinion, but never really listened to him as she became defensive about everything. One of the funniest exchanges was concerning some rope Kenley had in her design and Tim was concerned about it as a realistic design feature and Kenley was not. Korto and Jerell were briefly seen as well, but like all of the visits with Tim, we rarely get to see a lot of the designs as to not spoil the Fashion Week showings.


Back in New York, the designers arrived with designs in hand as they had an elimination to endure 6 days before the big Runway show. Korto arrived first and was glad to see Leanne and Jerell arrive and when Kenley arrived you could hear the crickets chipping in the background as each of the three were not happy to see her. Kenley actually took it all in stride and said she won’t get too upset about people she would never see again. Obviously, Kenley doesn’t understand the Reality TV world too well, does she?

Tim announced that there would be a final challenge to get to the final three and you could see the disappointment on all of the designer’s faces as they thought there would be no more challenges that would they could not control. The challenge was to create two dresses, a wedding dress and a bridesmaid dress that matched in styling and portrayed who they were as a designer. Jerell though he had this one in the bag, which does not bode well for him, we have come to find out over the past five seasons of Project Runway.

After giving the designers time to sketch, Jerell once again said he lets the material tell him what to do. OK, that is strike two on Jerell. Tim then sent them to get fabric and announced that they had until midnight to complete the designs.


When Tim came in to check on the designs, Kenley once again got pissed at Tim because she was the only one doing a short dress and Tim tried to tell Korto to think shorter, thinking that Tim was trying to diss her. Poor, Kenley…it is always her against the world.

The final four showed the dresses and there was really not much “Backstage” waiting as we got a pretty early sense that judges, Kors, Garcia and Heidi were pretty satisfied with Leanne and Kenley’s work and not so hot on Korto and Jerell.

michael-kors-saying-he-liked-the-wedding-gown-of-jerells from the neck up

After the presentation of the last challenge, Heidi announced that Kenley and Leanne would definitely be competing in Fashion Week, leaving Jerell and Korto to be “Aufed”. Heidi said that Korto’s dresses were “Overworked and overwrought” and that Jerell’s were “Garish with too much fabric and too many jewels and Kors savaged the overall design of the dresses finishing with “And it ended with a flower pot on her head.” OK, Jerell…that is strike three.


Jerell, over thought the challenge and was told by Heidi that he was “Auwt,” which you know had to be a bummer because he did an entire collection. Which means for the first time in a couple of seasons, we have all women to choose from in the final Runway Show. You know we had to have Kenley, because it just wouldn’t be any fun with out her would it now.

Next week, we will have the winner crowned of what may be the final season for a while as Project Runway gets ready to jump to a new network, but has been delayed because of legal entanglements.

Come and tell us what you think about the Designers on Project Runway Season 5 on our Message Boards.

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2 Responses to “Project Runway Has Their Final Three And Probably Not Who You Expect”

  1. shell0724 Says:
    October 8th, 2008 at 8:51 pm

    Anyone with common sense knew that Kenley would be in, no matter what, even with a pretentiously silly duck wedding dress, stolen from the Alexander McQueen line, although, Kenley NEVER NEVER looks at other designer’s. I knew Jerrell was destined to be aufed, even though as the winner of last week’s challenge, he should have been the one designer assured to go to the final three, since the only reason Kenley stayed was to satisfy the producers. I hate this season so much. I have to watch next week, and I think Leeanne will win, but, if for any reason the passive aggressive witch wins, I will program Bravo out of my cable. I will never watch this show again. To be honest, if the producers think that she enhanced the season, they were wrong. Sometimes, a difficult contestant is fun to hate, but, she has ruined the season. Seeing her usurp Jerrell is infuriating. She is undeserving, both in lack of originality, style, and temperament. I hate it when the bad guys win and the good guys are rubbed out. Shame on you Bravo.

  2. labiscuit Says:
    October 13th, 2008 at 2:52 pm

    i agree completely! i was so mad that kenley got through. did u notice that when tim came over she had no friends or family over like everyone else? i thought that was kinda weird. but really – i am so pissed about kenley and her knock off dress. i’m still going to watch the finale, but only because i heard tim gunn is going to judge. i love him.


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