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The Biggest Loser Finishes What They Started And Someone Leaves That Shocks

October 08, 2008 07:13 PM by DA Southern


The second half of The Biggest Loser from last night was showcased as we saw Vicky win the water challenge, edging out Amy for the prize and, more importantly, winning bragging rights with her husband to prove she is not the weakest link in her team.

Jillian was seen losing control a she saw her teams failing to exercise with the passion of a true winner, sending Amy out of the gym because of her lack of commitment. Amy was shocked to be yelled at by Jillian and decided she might be better on her own. Jillian and Bob confabbed about the lack of intensity and Amy decided to come back to train, knowing in her heart that Jillian was right.


Coleen relived her “Yellow-Line” experience from last week and was feeling the pangs of working out alone as she watched everyone else have someone to partner with in the gym.

Bob greeted his teams and took them to Subway to practice with the teams with a much needed product placement. Bob gave them a quick overview of how to gage the calories in their meals and made them walk a long way back to the van to walk off the calories from the lunch. Meanwhile in the gym, Michelle was struggling with the relationship with her mother, who she was estranged with before the Biggest Loser. Jillian played psychologist and made Michelle realize how food can become a crutch for bad emotions. In the end, Jillian stressed how important it was to make great choices and to take responsibility for her situation.


The Last Chance Workout was grueling as Bob stressed how important that the teams not go below the yellow line. Jillian, too, was being tough on her teams and was concerned because the girls had not been doing their homework and wondered if the gym work would be enough.

Weigh-In Night:

The teams, as always, looked anxious as they stepped up to the big scale and Jillian still concerned with the lack of homework. Ali asked Bob and Jillian about the dedication factor and Ali pointed out to Jillian that she had only women to deal with which had Jillian commenting that a lot of hormones had to be dealt with. Ali started the weigh-ins, starting with Coleen, since she was by herself.


Coleen lost 3 lbs/1.54%
Pink Team, Michelle/Renee lost 4 & 5 lbs/1.95%
Purple Team, Amy/Shellay lost 5 & 4 lbs/2.19%
Red Team, Amy/Phil lost 5 & 3 lbs/1.62%
Orange Team, Heba/Ed lost 8 & 0 lbs, in a shocker/1.4%
finally the Brown Team, Vicky and Brady lost 3 and 9/2.3%

Ali told Ed and Heba hat they needed to make a decision as to who was going home and sent them off to deliberate. As the two talked back and forth, Ed put in her hands because he lost 0 lbs and Heba was trying to decide which of the two was more inclined to lose weight more and which would be more focused at home.


In the “Kick-Off” room, I think it is hilarious that the team that is kicking off the other member of their family member still puts their name under the silver dish to show at the proper time to Ali. More drama I guess! Anyway, with the other team members looking on, Ed announced that they had changed heir habits and Heba announced that Ed was leaving the house tonight.

Catching-up with Ed after his elimination, we saw that he has lost to-date a total of 85 lbs since leaving the ranch and knew that he had a long way to go before the finale with his goal of 180 lbs.

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