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Survivor: Gabon — Jacquie Voted Out

October 09, 2008 07:01 PM by Ryan Haidet

Jacquie voted off fourth

Night 9 of Survivor: Gabon brought the Kota tribe back to camp after voting Paloma out. Kelly was sad that she had lost a friend, which worried her about being a potential target. In a confessional, Ace said that Tribal Council was a terrible experience — ranking right next to getting his wisdom teeth taken out. As for Kelly, he felt she was the next lamb heading to the slaughterhouse.

A question tonight’s episode had me asking over and over again — HAVE THESE PEOPLE EVER WATCHED SURVIVOR? They’re making too much food, barely giving any effort in the challenges and voting out people they believe are great contributors to camp (more on that later). First off, rice was still an issue for the Fang tribe. Ken wanted to cook more, but Randy was worried they were eating too much. He said their supply was dwindling and that they should cut back to just one meal a day. “We’re all gonna be hungry — that’s why it’s called Survivor,” Randy said.

After that short rice war, Randy, Dan, Susie and Matty went off into the woods and formed a bond that they all thought could benefit them later on in the game. Ha-ha — this is Survivor. Cue the tribal swap!

Ranking the tribes

They all gathered on a beach and were told they had to each rank the members of their tribe in order of importance. After each player filled out a tab, here’s how things stood (from most to least important):

Kota: Marcus, Ace, Bob, Charlie, Jacquie, Corinne, Sugar and Kelly.

Fang: Matty, Dan, Randy, Crystal, Ken, GC and Susie.

But those rankings only held for a few moments. “Drop your buffs,” host Jeff Probst announced. They were about to pick new tribes.

Marcus and Matty (the two most important players according to the rankings) were the first to choose.

Here’s how the new tribes break down in the order they were all chosen.

Kota: Marcus, Dan, Charlie, Randy, Corinne, Susie and Bob.

Fang: Matty, Ace, Crystal, Jacquie, Ken, Kelly and GC.

Sugar was the only player not picked, so she was sent to Exile where she would stay until after the next Tribal Council. She would join that tribe after they voted somebody out, which would even the tribes out to seven players each.

Charlie was happy to still be on the same tribe as Marcus. “I am thrilled to be with Marcus,” he said. “My biggest fear in this game is that Marcus and I will separate because we have each other’s backs. I just love Marcus.”

Charlie is happy to still be with Marcus after the tribal swap.

Ken said he picked Kelly because he knew what it was liked to be picked last — plus, he thought she was hot. Ace wasn’t too happy with that choice.

An outsider makes friends

At Exile, Sugar decided to take comfort since she had found the hidden immunity idol the last time she was there. She was probably better off, too, because she had shelter, food and a hammock. Her only hope was that Kelly would be voted out so she could join Fang and be back with Ace.

Back at Fang, however, Kelly was making it very well known that she didn’t like the people on her former tribe. She openly said she thought they were all fake and expressed her issues with Jacquie and Ace. That’s when she said that she would jump ship and join the new group.

A terrible challenge performance

At the immunity challenge, Probst told each player they would be given an individual raft and a paddle. Their task was to get a ball (using the paddles) in the opposing tribe’s goal on the other side of the water. The first to score three points would win immunity.

Marcus dominated the immunity challenge.

This wasn’t even close. Marcus dominated the challenge and worked well with Randy as the two of them became solely responsible for winning the challenge for Kota. It was a shut out, too. Even though the last goal was harder for Randy to score than the two prior, it didn’t matter. He still fired the ball right in.

Ken, Crystal and Kelly (all of Fang) were useless in their rafts and just got in the way. Probst said it was one of the worst challenge performances he had ever seen.

Turning on Jacquie

After the challenge, Ace said his tribe performed like legless chickens in the challenge. Then, the strategy talks started and the group originally wanted to target Kelly because she was worthless. But after concerns arose that Sugar would come back with the idol and create a strong alliance with Jacquie and Ace, the group changed their mind. They wanted to take Jacquie out. Matty didn’t agree with that decision because he wanted to keep the tribe stronger, so he went and told Jacquie what was going on.

She tried to save herself and went to several members of the Fang tribe asking if she could strike some sort of deal. Crystal started feeling bad for Jacquie after she laid on the waterworks and argued her case.

Another player goes home

At the fourth Tribal Council, Matty said he was embarrassed by his tribe’s performance in the last challenge and wanted to keep the group stronger.

Kelly said she felt worried about the vote, but pointed out that Ken and Crystal were weaker than her in the challenge. Crystal took offense to it and said that the challenge just wasn’t her “cup of tea.” Whatever. My argument here is that it’s Survivor — you make any challenge your cup of tea to try and get farther in the game.

After the votes were made, Probst revealed that Jacquie was the fourth person voted out of Survivor: Gabon. With that, she also became the fourth woman voted out leaving all the men standing.

Jacquie voted off fourth.

Images courtesy Monty Brinton/CBS.

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