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Derek Hough And Shannon Elizabeth Are Living Together

October 10, 2008 01:00 PM by Paulene Hinds

Dancing With The Stars, celebrity dancer Brooke Burke broke the news this week thather propartner Derek Hough and his girlfriend Shannon Elizabeth, were living together. Derek has come forward to confirm the report and talk aboutwho else they share their house with.

Houghadmits that things are better than ever for him and his former dancing partner Shannon Elizabeth. “Mark and I have an apartment, and I’m supposed to be living there,” Hough told PEOPLE, “but I live with Shannon at her house, and our three [Almost Amy] bandmates live with Shannon and I.”

Elizabeth has not just invited the band to crash in her Hollywood Hills home, but has gone out of the way to make them feel at home while they are there. Derek commented, “Shannon’s rooms are so cluttered, but she’s actually been de-junking all of her rooms so that each of them can have their own room.”

The bandmates stay was supposed to be temporary, but now the couple have decided, the more the merrier. “She was like, ‘They can stay here until they find a new place,’” said Hough. “And, once they started talking about finding a new place, Shannon and I were like, ‘Wait, we’re going to miss them when they go.’ And we were like, ‘Why don’t you just stay here? We’ll make rooms up for everyone.’”

With a house full of so many people, one would wonder if there ever comes a time that they get overwhelmed with it all and have a need for their own space?

We don’t know how the others feel, but Hough did tell PEOPLE how he feels about losing his prvacy. He said that sometimes it gets “kinda crazy” living with his grilfriend, three bandmates and four dogs and if he really needed his own space he could go to his apartment that he shares with Ballas, but there hasn’t been that need: “Shannon’s just been really, really helpful at giving us all our own space. She’s just been so great,” he said.

Maybe there will be a new reality TV show based on the couple and their houseguests in the future?

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One Response to “Derek Hough And Shannon Elizabeth Are Living Together”

  1. cck6160 Says:
    October 26th, 2008 at 5:24 pm

    Oh Derek you could do so much better!! Shannon has lived her life, now you should be living yours. Good luck….


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