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Power Lifter And Tea Partier Swap Lives On Wife Swap

October 10, 2008 08:00 AM by Joe Reality

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The McCaslin family and the Deekens family are featured on this week’s Wife Swap. Sandi McCaslin can bench press three hundred and forty-one pounds, while Donna Deekens doesn’t believe that a lady should ever lift any sort of weight. Donna also thinks that sweating is for beasts.

The McCaslin family is from New York State and consists of wife Sandi, husband Zane, and their two daughters. The two daughters are sixteen year old Sarah and twelve year old Kerri.

The McCaslin family lives in an old converted school, and they frequently train in the gym. The McCaslin family enjoys an easygoing life, and they love to play practical jokes. They are almost always in sweats and like to engage in board games, joking and playful insults with friends.

The Deekens family lives in Virginia and consists of wife Donna, husband Bill, and their eighteen year old son Greg. Donna Deekens tries to bring femininity, etiquette and tea parties to the girls of Virginia. Donna often dresses as a princess, a Victorian lady or a fairy queen for her tea parties. Bill and Greg Deekens find Donna’s obsession to be silly and childish. However, Greg helps out behind the scenes.

For the first week of the swap, Donna has to adapt to the McCaslins’ world or weight-lifting. On the other hand, Sandi laughs at entering the world of tea parties. For the second week, Sandi attempts to change everything in the Deekens’ home, while Donna discovers the true meaning of family support with the McCaslins. Wife Swap airs on Friday, October 10 from 8 PM to 9 PM ET on ABC.

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