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Dancing With the Stars, Berumuda Triangle Causes ABC to Come Up With Plan B

October 11, 2008 02:00 PM by Paulene Hinds

This season of Dancing With The Stars has had more than its share of injuries and on Tuesday night host Tom Bergeron joked that there is an area of the dance floor that pro dancer Derek Hough has named, The Berumada Triangle. This is where Misty May, Susan Lucci and Derek himself have been injured during rehearsals for the show.

Rocco DiSpirito commented as he looked at the middle of the dance floor, “Maybe there’s a floorboard out of place because too many injuries have happened in the same place.”

Toni Braxton shot down the rumour of the set being cursed and said, “Oh no, don’t say that!” She turned 41 on the day of this week’s results show.

While Derek and Susan were able to remain on the dance floor to compete after their injuries, Misty May-Treanor wasn’t as lucky. She had to quit the show and undergo surgery this week after she tore her achilles tendon during rehearsal.

In case you haven’t been counting, Dancing with the Stars has had five injuries so far: Pro Karina Sminoff’s sprained ankle and comedian Jeff Ross’ scratched cornea (Week 1), Susan Lucci’s twisted ankle, pro Derek Hough hitting the back of his head on the ballroom floor during rehearsals, and Misty May-Treanor rupturing her Achilles tendon (all in Week 3).

Due to all of those injuries, the show has come up with an emergency contingency plan appropriately titled, “Plan B.”

Here is a look at Plan B as described by Tom Bergeron.

Let’s say that a star – like Ross and Lucci – is injured during any one of the three last rehearsals that take place on the show’s main stage before the show goes live on Monday night. And let’s say that the star isn’t hurt badly enough to leave the show – but doesn’t feel well enough to dance that night. In that case, says host Tom Bergeron, the stars have the option of airing their rehearsal footage.

“That’s why we’re always running cameras during those blocking rehearsals,” says Bergeron. “They might be wearing jeans and have curlers in their hair. But they know that if something happens, the producers will say, ‘If you’re cool with this, and you can’t dance, we’ll run the rehearsal footage.’ And the judges will look at that and base their scores on that.”

Let’s hope that we don’t have to see Plan B, but with the way the season is going, who knows?

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Photo Credit: ABC

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