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Extreme Makeover: Home Edition Helps A Hero Teacher

October 12, 2008 06:14 PM by DA Southern


It’s all about the Heroes and Extreme Makeover: Home Edition set their sights on the Anders-Beatty family of Richland Center, Wisconsin for their next project and, in turn, learned a lot about themselves as they do during every Extreme Makeover.

In the video, the team watched as Shelly’s husband, Gary, had a heart attack in front of the kids and since then, their house has gone into disarray. Shelly tried to hold the family together as much as possible but has had trouble keeping the house in good shape. Ty asked the team the usual question, and they answered “Yes” and off they went to the family home to make a difference.


Ty and the gang arrived bright and early, as usual, so they could wake the neighbors adequately, as well. Ty yelled into his signature megaphone flanked by Paul DiMeo, Eduardo Xol, John Littlefield and Paige Hemmis as the Anders-Beatty family poured from the house.

After he was mobbed by the four kids, Tyler, Drew, Reid and Tess, Ty got right to it as he took the teacher-of-the-year award winner, Shelly, and sent the remainder of the family with the designers to see what their individual needs were. Ty picked off a piece of the house on the outside and then did the same on the inside as he grabbed part of the ceiling in the living room and watched in horror as it tumbled to the floor. Ty then learned that Shelly had been sleeping on the couch in the living room because she gave her mattress to a neighbor in need. Ty knew that she had sacrificed more than most and was more determined than ever to get the house done for the family and sent them off on a Disney vacation to Canada.

The Designers each talked to the kids and Paul learned that the older boys, Drew and Tyler, wanted a room to be able to bring their friends to and would reflect the love of Wisconsin teams that they adore. John was with son, Reid and learned that he was a technology geek and decided to set him up with a tech room that he could bring his friends into. Eduardo’s project was going to be outside as he was going to create a garden area that late husband Gary would have loved and, finally, Paige learned that twelve-year-old, Tess, was a Daddy’s girl and needed a room that reflected her being a girl.


The volunteers and builders arrived and after a brief speech by the builder, Ty manned the video camera and sent the vacationing family a video of the thousands of volunteers who showed up to help and Ty then did a story book demo that was accompanied by a kids story book that showed the house being demolished. It was cute and leave it to Ty and the writers to come up with a theme to show cool demolition. Nice!

We quickly zoomed to Day 3 and the shell of the house was pretty much in place. Paige was hard at work at a bungalow room for Tess and Paul was off to the elementary school to see what the Extreme team could do for the school. Paul decided that the need was a basketball court and the mission was set. Ty’s special project was the bedroom for Shelly and decided to use wood from the old house to build her bedroom. and John was off to a computer recycling store to buy all kinds of stuff to make Reid think he was inside a computer when he is in his bedroom.


Paul manned the video camera to show Shelly the changes at the school that the team was doing and showcased students that she had taught who were all grown up and they each voiced some of the kind things she had done for them when she was their teacher. Paul then showed off the new basketball court and Shelly was in shock when she realized how many people she had touched.

Day 5, early AM, John was talking about the recycled newspaper product used for insulation and Paul was showing off the basement that the oldest sons would be sharing that would be a hang out for them and their friends. Eduardo took some young kids on a tour of a factory that made stuff for Sears and planned to score some outdoor furniture for the family while he was there.

Day 6, the house looked like it was close to being done and Eduardo was showing off some of the landscaping he was doing. In a Ty-larious moment, Paul was spitting spitballs at Ty and Ty told him that he was going to be suspended or something school-like. The furniture trucks finally rolled up and the finishing touches were being applied to be ready for the families arrival on Day 7.

Day 7, Family Home Day: The bus rolled up with all of the students, past and present, Shelly had taught and, of course, the volunteers and the designers waiting to meet them. The family arrived, shocked at the size of the crowd, and Shelly immediately started to cry. Ty and the family yelled the favorite, “Bus driver, move that bus” and we saw a beautiful Wisconsin farm house that was a dream. Ty introduced David Simon, the builder and sent them into the house to see what the team had done.


The family saw the inside on the open floor plan and could not contain their joy. Ty was in and pointed out a few of the main room features and then sent them individually off to their rooms. Reid was first into his tech room and it was amazed how his room was a big computer. Tess was into her Hawaiian room and was so excited to have friends over to her room. The basement was truly a mans domain for the two older boys and each of the boys were glad to have their own rooms.

Ty sent the family up into the silo that the team built and they got to experience their new view of the family farm from the observation deck and Ty then sent Shelley into his secret project, her master suite. You could just see the relief on her face to have a place to call her own that was a soothing room that she could retreat to. The room had a rustic look to it filled with the wood from the former house as part of the decor and was adorned with pictures and a huge chalk board with words of encouragement from other teachers about her.

Ty finished it off by showing them the outside garden that Eduardo worked on and brought in the designers to have the final hugs from the family. Ty finished it off with his final saying, “Welcome home, Anders-Beatty family, welcome home.”

In a cool send-off during the credits, you saw different members of the cast and volunteers thanking the teachers in their lives and to that, I say thanks Mr. Burnett and Mr. Sherman

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Photos Courtesy: ABC

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