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The Amazing Race 13: Who Threw My Sports Bra Off the Ledge?

October 12, 2008 06:19 PM by Britteny Elrick

The third leg of The Amazing Racewillbringthe teams to Bolivia, where the high altitudes take a toll on some of the players. Meanwhile,Kelly and Christythink that Nick and Starr are trying to sabotage them, which starts to cause some dissention among the teams. It’s a close race to the pitstop, but one team’s failure to read the clue properly might bring them to the end of the road…

Kelly and Christy believe that Starr threw Christy’s sports bra off the ledge, and they confront them about it.Starr’s response was, “and what would that gain me?” Ken and Tina are the first todepart fromFortalezaforLa Paz, Bolivia. All teams are on one of two flights, which left at the same time. When the teams arrive, they are having a hard time breathing due to the altitudes. Sarah and Terrence realize they need to stop playing “nice guy,” whileMarisa and Brooke feel underestimated.

In La Paz, the teams have to camp out on the side of the road until morning and wait for the newspaper to be delivered. Then they have to search through the classifieds to find their next clue, which is to find a hat shop. Most of the teams get stuck in traffic, buta fewdecided to find a local and walk there.

DETOUR: 1. Musical march-They must go by foot to a plaza where they have to find a marching band and then follow it totheir clue. 2. Bumpy Ride- Take a locally crafted bicycle down cobblestone streets and throughout the city to find the clue. ** Once you’ve reached the clue, there is also the option of a UTURN (you can stop another team and force them to go back and restart the challenge).

After Terrence and Sarah were halfway to the band, they realize they had to do the entire challenge on foot and have to go back to the beginning. This time they choose to do the bikes instead. Ken and Tina, Mark and Bill, Aja and Ty, Nick and Starr, Dallas and Toni, and Kelly and Christy all opt for the bikes as well. Marka and Bill are the first to arrive and they opt out of using the UTURN. Marisa and Brooke think that they have an advantage over the others because they are so friendly and flirty. Toni gets really winded and her and Dallas have to stop for awhile. Christy falls off her bike and then decides to push it the rest of the way, until NIck and Starr pass them up.ThenChristy gets back on, only to fall again. Aja and Ty tell Kelly and Christy that Nick tried to get them to use the UTURN on them.

The teams travel by taxi to the next stop, Los Titanis. Mark and Bill get extremely frustrated when their taxi driver stops for gas and they lose their lead. Aja and Ty’s taxi starts to overheat and they have to get a new one. Terrence and Sarah just decide to get out and walk the rest of the way because the traffic is so bad. Ken and Tina are the first to arrive and encounterthe road block.

ROAD BLOCK: One player must change into a wrestling uniform and have a wrestling lesson by a Cholita (female wrestler). They have to master six moves, and then show their skills in the ring in front of an audience. If they don’t execute all moves, they have to start over.

Ken is the first to fight and successfully completes the challenge. The next to fightare Mark and Brooke, whoboth failand have to start over. The competition is nothing for Dallas, who is a wrestler back home. Sarah was immediately disqualified.Mark is back in his training and has to have some oxygen because he is so winded. He tries two more times before completing the task. NIck and Ty complete the task with no problems. Kelly and Christy know they are the last team to leave, and they hope someone gets lost. It’s a race by taxi for the remaining teams to get to the pitstop.

PITSTOP: A hilltop park in Mirador. Ken and Tina are the first to arrive again, and they win a trip to Cabo San Lucas. Toni and Dallas are team two, followed by Terrence / Sarah, Marisa /Brooke, Aja / Ty, Nick / Starr, and Andrew / Dan. Mark and Bill get penalized with a thirty minute time delay for using a taxi during the detour, so they can not check in. Kelly and Christy know they are the last to arrive and when they get to the pit stop, they are told that they are actually still in the race because of Mark and Bill’s time delay.

Mark and Billgo home.

The Amazing Race airsSunday nights at8 PM ET on CBS.

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