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Dancing With The Stars: Bruno Needs A Smoke

October 13, 2008 07:04 PM by Paulene Hinds

Tonight on Dancing With The Stars,all of the judges scores and viewers votes from last week will be combined with this week’s scores. The teams with the lowest total had to bring on the heat this week in order to stay in the competition.

First up tonight was the Olympic champion Maurice and his partner Cheryl. They were performing the party dance…the Samba. They danced to, “That’s The Way I Like It.” Len said that they had the fun element of the dance beautifully, but they need to work on refining the dance. Bruno said it was Mr. and Mrs. Jackie Brown, but they need to start getting tight and have precision. Carrie Ann said that each week they need to progress and she felt that they aren’t doing that. Their score tonight was 20. Their combined score was 44 out of 60.

The next couple to hit the dance floor was Cody and Julianne. After ending with a bust last week, they were doing the Tango. Cody needed to focus and was frustrating Julianne. They pulled it together and danced to a traditional Tango to a rocking song, “I Like You.” Bruno said that Cody looks like he is starting to find his Mojo. Carrie Ann said that he was working it and although he tripping over her dress, she loved that they are going for the proper Tango. Len said it was sharp and aggressive and his best dance yet. Their score was 23 and the combined score was 44 out of 60.

Next Toni and Alec decided to come back from the edgy choreography of last week and tonight they were performing the Samba with traditional steps. Alec put Samba rolls in the dance for her as he felt she was a natural at the dance style. The danced to a Spanish song. Carrie Ann said they ooze sensuality on the dance floor andToni needs to work onher shoulders and be taller and bigger. Len said that they have the right balance between the performance and the choreography and he liked the Samba rolls. Bruno said it was like a tasty morsel, like sugar and spice. He said that he can’t wait to watch her some more. Their score for this evening was 22. Their combined score was 44 out of 60.

Cloris and Corky came out to dance again and this week they entertained us with the Tango. They danced a very tradtional Tango and received a standing ovation. Len said that if he hadn’t seen it he wouldn’t have believed it and from the first moment sitting on those stairs it was absolutely fabulous and he loved it. Bruno called said that thegrandma from hell has become the grand dutchess of lust. Carrie Ann said that she owed Cloris an apology and that she under estimated her by thinking that she needed to always go for the entertainment value. She said that Cloris pushed herself to the edge of her capabilities tonight. The judges gave them a score of 22 with a combined score of 38 out of 60.

The nextcouple, who almost went home last week, but were saved by Misty’s injury, were Rocco and Karina. They were performing a Samba this week and he was hoping to shake what his mama gave him. They danced to, “Rio.” Bruno said that all the ruffles in the world cannot hide the fact that he has not a musical bone in his body. Carrie Ann said that the dancing is still lacking. Len told him that he did what his mum told him and came out and had fun…well done! Their score was 18 and their combined score was 38 out of 60.

The sixth couple to grace the ballroom floor was Susan and Tony. Last week she hurt her foot and this week she was going out full throttle to let everyone know that she means business. They danced a traditional Tango. Carrie Ann said that she has been waiting for Ms. Erica Kane and finally got her. Len said it had drama and passion and was her best dance so far. Bruno said that he always knew under the polished appearance that there was a tough broad and she showed it tonight. Their score was 24. They have a combined score of 45 out of 60.

Brooke and Derek were up next busting out to a Samba. They danced to, “The Beat.” After their sexy routine, they received a standing ovation from the crowd. Len said that for him, he found the dance slightly too erotic. Bruno said that Len was either not getting enough or was getting too much because this would please anybody. Bruno said a sex bomb has hit the the floor and it was the sexiest dance he had ever seen and needed a smoke! Carrie Ann said that what it is that makes her so great is the blend of athleticism and sensuality andthat makes her a perfect candidate to maybe go all the way. Their score was 26. Their score combined is 54 out of 60.

Lance and Lacey wanted to make their Tango their own this week. They flavored the floor with, “Disturbia.” Bruno said it was quirky with a gothic twist and always a Tango. He said that they have what it takes to go all the way to the final. Carrie Ann said that he hasn’t really shone very much this season, but tonight He was amazing. Len said that he was grumpy because he had to deal with Carrie Ann and Bruno interrupting him all the time and then said that he thought that that Lance was Sir Dance A Lot! They received 26 and with their combined score they received a 48 out of 60.

The last couple to dance tonight was Warren and Kym. Last week he wowed the judges with a beautiful waltz, so this week Kym said to keep it going he had to be himself. They danced to, “Dance With Me.” Carrie Ann said his routine was lacking a little bit of content. Len said that Warren makes him smile and there was too much gyrating. Bruno said that Warren is the big easy and the crowd loves him and that he took it a little too easy this week and did not have enough content. The received 22 from the judges and now have 47 in 60.

Tomorrow night at 9 PM ET,one more couple will go home and the guest star, Grammy winner, Ne-Yo will perform. The Macy’s Stars of Dance will be SpanishFlamenco dancers, “Los Vivancos,”and the “kids ballroom” dancers will return.

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