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The Biggest Loser Families…No, Scratch That…Just The Biggest Loser

October 14, 2008 07:16 PM by DA Southern


The Biggest Loser Families is fast becoming just the Biggest Loser, sans any family members, as the shock of Ed going home last week was still haunting Heba. She was determined to continue on in a frantic pace as she was now, along with Colleen, by herself in the game. She need not worry, however, soon the two may not be alone, unless one of them falls below the yellow line this week after the weigh-in, which would automatically send them home.

We got right into the action as we saw Ali in a room full of great looking desserts as the teams walked in smiling because they all wanted some of the goodies stretched out before them. Ali announced that this challenge winner would choose new teams, meaning there would be no more teams of two, but black and blue teams for the trainers. Ali then shut off the lights and the individual contestants would then have the freedom to eat without impunity from their team members. Ali said they had ten minutes to eat to see who would be the one to choose teams.

For the first time since this game started, the game began to get contentious as Heba tried to control the game. Phil, not wanting Heba to control the game, quietly began to eat peanut butter cups, well as quiet as he could as Heba heard him unwrapping the peanut butter cups and came over to see what he was doing.


With a minute left, Amy went to the table and started to shovel sweets into her mouth, as it was a contest between her and Heba. With all of the confusion, it was hard to tell who had actually eaten the most, and subsequently would have to endure the wrath of one of the trainers in the process. When the sweets had cleared, Heba had put away enough sweets to become the one to choose teams and Phil was hot because he had allowed Heba to be the one to choose and ultimately, control the game.

Ali gave Heba 30 minutes to choose the teams and when the smoke had cleared, the teams were the Blue team of Heba, husband/wife, Vicky and Brady and both Amys; The Black Team was mother/daughter, Renee and Michelle, Coleen, Phil, and Shellay. Heba broke up Phil and Amy and Shellay and Amy, but the others were the same.


Bob came in and was confused as to the new teams and thought that Heba had not made a good decision because the girls would need men to help at weigh-ins. Jillian was as shocked as Bob and immediately put her team to work. Michelle was once again all emotional with Jillian and was thinking about leaving the game because of the family turmoil she was in. Jillian once again counseled her to stay and we knew it might be a rough day or two for her. We now realized that there was only two guys left and quite possibly, we could see another woman winner this year.

With all of the Losers sleeping, Ali was up to their rooms at 5:55 AM and told them all to meet her in front of the gym. Ali told them that this challenge was an all day challenge and that the teams had to climb the mountain by the ranch and that they had to take their picture at the top of the mountain and at the bottom of the mountain and that the team with the most people in the pictures got the most points, over a fourteen hour period…the longest challenge in BL history.


We watched as various members from the Blue and Black teams had their pictures taken and we really had no idea who was ahead at any given time of the day. With a lot of strategies in play, it seemed that Brady was the most active one as far as trips up and down the mountain. With the heat spiking in the 100′s, both teams decided to take a break and that nobody would go up and down the mountain. Shellay was a little skeptical and wondered if the Blue Team was really taking a break and wondered if she should climb some more. After talking with Coleen, they decided not to break the rest cycle that had been decided on by the teams.

The teams took back to climbing after the self-imposed break and at the end of the day, Ali called together the teams together announce the totals of the teams. Black Team got 162 points and won the challenge and got a 2 pound break at the weigh-in. Brady, from the Blue Team, ran over 20 miles by himself, which was the most he had done in years and probably pushed his weight loss this week up by a pound or so in the process.


Bob showed up and found the Blue team relaxing by the pool eating Jello. Bob seemed a bit peeved, but added low-cal cool whip to their Jello just to be a nice guy. Bob decided to kick their butts in the last-chance workout to prep them for the weigh-in. Before the weigh-in, Jillian grabbed Michelle aside to convince her to stay by giving her a call to her dad to hopefully convince her to stay, with her dad’s encouragement.

Weigh-In Night:

Ali greeted the new teams and gave them the usual talk about the yellow line but also asked Michelle if she wanted to leave the game with all of the turmoil that she was going through. After a brief hesitation, Michelle announced that she was going to stay and compete.

Black Team:

Michelle: lost 7 lbs
Renee: lost 5 lbs
Phil: lost 8 lbs
Coleen: lost 5 lbs
Shellay: lost 5 lbs
Total % lost: 2.84% with their extra 2 lbs they had spotted from the challenge win.

Blue Team:

Amy C: lost 9 lbs, putting her under the 200 lbs mark
Vicky: lost 6 lbs
Brady: lost 6 lbs
Amy P: lost 6 lbs
Heba: needed to lose more than 6 lbs to win it for the team, lost 8 lbs
Total % lost: 2.96%, sending the Black team to the elimination room.

shellay leaving the ranch

Michelle had immunity for losing the most weight on her team and the Black team went off to deliberate for an hour. Phil was begging to stay as was Shellay and Shellay was pushing for Renee to go. Shellay finally addressed the elephant in the room, that was that this was a game and had to be played as such. In the elimination room, Michelle voted for Shellay, Phil voted for Renee, Renee voted for Shellay, Shellay voted for Renee, leaving Coleen to break the tie. Coleen ended the suspense and voted for Shellay to leave the ranch.

Since leaving the ranch, Shellay had promised to lose 50 more lbs and as of the airing of this show had lost a total of, well, we are not sure, but she now wears a size 10 dress, from a size 18, and looks good.

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