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America’s Next Top Model Cycle 13: Behind the Runway

October 15, 2008 06:10 PM by Britteny Elrick

Tonight’s America’s Next Top Modelwill reveal never before seen footage of the models including top secret conversations and shenanigans from behind the scenes. Find out all the juicy confessions from the model house that they didn’t show you before…

The shows starts by going back to episode 1 and showing some clips of the girls sharing tales of themselves with the judges from the first introduction. Of course, the moose chasing incident was replayed. Marjorie’s absolute nervousness wasdiscussedand how she hasn’t gotten much better since then. Tyra talks about how it wasn’t easy to select the cast this cycle, but they chose based on distinctive looks and charisma.

In the beginning there were only thirteen beds and fourteen girls. Samantha was the one left out so she made a bed on the floor out of blankets. At their visit to the Magic Castle (where they received one on one time with the judges) they focused on ShaRaun’s overly-confident remarks. Well, she was the first to go. Elina admits that her real goal in life is to be an actress!

On the ride home from the Sheena and Elina get into an argument over animal rights. Elina, an animal activist, is appalled by the fact that Sheena can put a “dead body” in her mouth. Sheena feels that if she respects her views, then Elina should return the favor.

Then the girls are all in the hot tub while Nikeysha sings them a rap. Later on, Isis and Brittany get into a cat fight, although Brittany says they have a sister type relationship. McKey was confronted by a lot of the girls who think she’s too girly and standoff-ish. They feel like they can’t get to know her because she labels herself too much. McKey decides to make peace with them by cooking all the girls dinner.

Then came the makeover meltdowns. Jay the “evil witch” comes by to decide what looks the girls will be getting, but Tyra the “good witch” takes over and gives them pretty looks. When Sheena was getting her highlights,her scalp started burning and shesaw a chunk of her hair on the sink and thought half her hair was falling out. Finally, they decided to stop with the highlights and add some fake hair. Elina started calling her big, puffy, red hair her “cat.” Then the girls got to unwind by having a night out in Hollywood.

Hannah’s secret weapon was her “Alaskan Pixie Dust” which is something her mom made her to protect her from mean girls. Samantha’s issue with raising her dress at the blindfoldchallenge almost sent her packing, but luckily, Hannah did a worse job with her runway walk and was sent home in the surprise elimination. Then they talk about Isis’ slow decline on the photo front and how her lack of energy and focus is what sent her home.

Samantha, Lauren, and Clark start bonding so much that they take a bath together. There are some funny clips of the girls attempting to kill a bee that invaded the model house. When it came down to the natural disaster photo shoot and Clark was eliminated, Elina was distraught. She kept saying that “her girlfriend went home today.” Speaking of girlfriends, Marjorie and Analeigh have become increasingly friendly (and mushy) with each other. Finally, Lauren’s personality could not outshine her beauty, and the girls were left in shock as she was sent home.

Now it’s down to the final seven contestants. Stay tuned to find out which girl will come out on top!

The show currentlyairs Wednesdays on the CW at 8 PM ET.

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Photo Credit: The CW

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