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Project Runway Got It Right With The Season 5 Winner

October 15, 2008 07:20 PM by DA Southern


We have reached the end of our road with Project Runway Season 5. With three females in the finale for the first time ever, we will finally see some great design with individual voices strutting down the Runway for the final time this year, and for the final time on the Bravo network…maybe. Well, we will let the lawyers handle that, but for now, we have a show to do.

With Korto, Leanne and the ever-opinionated Kenley showing their designs for the masses..and for the judges…we will finally see who is the top designer for Season 5. We pick up the excitement with 3 days out of the show and you can see that most of the nerves, for now, have seemed to have subsided. The girls headed to Parsons to see Tim for final instructions and the Silver Fox came in shortly to say how proud he was of the three of them. Tim then said that they needed to go and interview their models for the Runway show and off they went to interview the skinny girls of New York.


The next scenes were a lot of model going through their paces, doing what models do….walk with serious looks on their faces. After the interviews, Tim was in to look over the collections as the girls had to each edit two outfits from their collections. Kenley once again argued with Tim about her designs…see every week prior for how that usually goes. Korto was next and Tim was wondering about her wedding dress that she wanted to show. Leanne did actually have a least favorite; a pair of pants; that she wanted to strike and then Kenley then said to Tim as he left that she agreed with him for once. The girls worked late into the night fine-tuning her design and Korto decided to make two new looks for her designs, which had the other two wondering if that was wise.


With 2 days left, the girls headed to the make-up designer, Collier Strong of L’Oreal Paris, to have his input about how the models should look for the show. The models all came in for their final fittings and each of the designers took shots at the other…OK, it was Kenley and Leanne trading shots across the bow of each other’s collections and how they looked on their models. It wouldn’t be Project Runway without some last minute sniping at one another. Poor Korto was just trying to bring some order to her collection to worry about the other two.

1 day until the show, the girls were headed to hair consultations at the TRESemme studio and the girls still seemed fairly calm. They headed over to Parsons to finish the final details on their collections and once again Kenley was snipping at poor Korto for making a couple of new pieces. We then saw a little dog that belonged to one of the models come in and deposit a nice present, that had Leanne freaking out because she was afraid that her design would end up with it on her dress.


Tim came in said that Kenley would show first, followed by Korto and then Leanne. All of the designers felt they should win, which there is no reason at this point why they shouldn’t. It was funny to hear Kenley tell of sneaking into Bryant Park last year, but getting kicked out an now was showing. The girls had a feel for the show as they saw the tent set up and immediately sprung into action getting ready for the show.

With one hour left, the nerves began to kick in and you could see all three of the girls starting to freak out a bit. With everyone in place, the designs went out as Tim foretold and it was neat to see all of the kicked-off designers as well as past winners, lining the runway.


Heidi was out to welcome the crowd and introduced the judges, Nina Garcia, Michael Kors and announced that Tim Gunn was going to be a guest judge as Jennifer Lopez had injured her foot. Kenley’s designs were showcased first and were colorful and as full of character as she is. It was hard to get a bead on the judges, but the audience seemed fairly receptive to the collection. Next was Korto, who showed a “Nature” inspired collection, as she called it. There were some very unique designs with a few standout pieces and the crowd seemed to be slightly more receptive to her than Kenley’s collection. Leanne was the last one out and explained that she was in love with her collection and it, out of the three, seemed to be the most cohesive of the bunch. The colors were soft and beautiful and she seemed to get a lot of attention from the crowd. Afterward, it seems everyone had their favorites in the crowd, but it would all come down to the judges and whose collection was the most dynamic.


The judges were talking about the different designs and were glad to see the individual reflections of their personalities. Heidi had all of the models come out and Heidi started with Kenley. Kors thought her designs were pretty and overall the rest of the judges liked her collection, but had a problem with a flowered dress, in particular. Garcia said the collection was cohesive and Heidi said that some of the pieces were overworked. Leanne’s collection seemed to be the favorite of the judges and Garcia said she loved the different looks. With the discussion from the judges, it was difficult to see who they were going to choose. When asked why they should win, Leanne seemed the most level-headed about why she should win.

pr-Leanne the winner of project runway

After the final judges chat, the three girls came out and Heidi said that only one could win, but that all had put on a great show. Kenley was the first one out and Heidi sent her off the Runway. She was sad. Now between Korto and Leanne, Leanne was crowned the winner, as it should have been. Korto was sad.

Leanne was happy…very happy!

Fare thee well, Project Runway, until we meet again. We will miss you. Lots!
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