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Survivor: Gabon Sees The Fang Tribe Implode

October 16, 2008 06:15 PM by DA Southern


Survivor has already taken us on a joyride this season, with changing the teams around a mere four episodes into the season and with a team that was thought to be the worst ever in Survivor history, until the changing of the guard, so to speak. No, still the worst. With Jacquie leaving last week, and Sugar coming back into the fold, it will be interesting to see the new dynamics play out and if Sugar doesn’t get caught holding the immunity idol, like Ozzie last season, and get herself voted out by not paying attention.

Night 12 had Fang struggling, as usual, to maintain their tribe’s morale. Sugar arrived to sweeten up the tribe’s spirits and was surprised to see Kelly still sitting amongst the group and still feigning ignorance when it came to the idol. She had better watch her back as the idol is not always the best thing to have if the others think you have it.


Day 13 had the Kota tribe eating high on the hog as they pulled in their nets full of fish and it was funny as they all took turns getting shocked by a fish that was in the nets too. Over at Fang, instead of trying to eat, they were all inspired by an elephant…in Africa, no less. What was funny with this bunch was how they all watched the elephant fend for itself in the wild, a lesson they should have probably learned. Ace and Matty decided to try to get closer in the boat and, for a moment, I thought the elephant might charge them.

The Food Challenge:

The teams went to the challenge with Jeff telling them that they were going to participate in a fruit contest. The tribes needed to collect fruit and the tribe that won the challenge would win a herb garden, which didn’t excite them all as many were hungry.


Feng got on the board first and looked as though they might eat as Ace was doing a great job with his paddle keeping the Kota team from scoring early on. With both teams getting the hang of it, both teams looked like they could win. When it was all said and done, Feng had 16 lbs of fruit and Kota had 18 lbs at the end, disappointing the Feng tribe once again. Sugar was sent to exile island once again as a “Strategy,” so said the Kota tribe. Yep, it is official, they are officially clueless when it comes to playing the game.

Kota now went back with fruit and herbs to add to their fish stockpiles and Dan gave a speech to try to keep the tribe together as a cohesive unit come merge time, but others were not so sure. You know, Survivor paranoia and all. Meanwhile at exile island, Sugar was living well with all kinds of food while in exile. At the camp, the poor, pitiful Feng tribe were all snipping at each other because they were just so inept and Ace was having a great time watching it all and thought the tribe was going to implode.


Day 15 had Feng reading tree-mail for the next challenge and wondering if they had what it took to win a challenge. GC went off in the boat before the challenge, meaning that he might not compete in the challenge. He is so going home if he didn’t make it. If they lose, he will probably go home anyway.

The Immunity Challenge:

Balls down a hill, like a giant pinball game as the tribes try to keep the other’s ball form scoring. Dan and Randy started the game off. Oh yeah, the defenders were blindfolded and had teammates yelling where they should go to defend. At the end of the second round, it was a one point game and Kota was down by 3. Ace took a shield in the face and it was a one point game with the final throw left. Kota, once again, took home the immunity idol and Feng was back to their fourth tribal council, out of five. For gosh sakes, can anyone say “Merge?” Put the Feng tribe out of our misery.

Insert Feng tribe snipping at each other here at your own leisure. With the spirits so low at Feng, surely they won’t be so foolish as to not rid themselves of GC. Wait, this is the Feng tribe, isn’t it? Ace and Sugar chatted a bit and once again the immunity idol chat started and Crystal found Sugar’s idol. Oh boy, here we go.


Tribal Council:

Jeff talked about the wear and tear of the game and GC talked about leaving to Jeff. GC recanted the “going home” talk and Sugar started to cry, as did we, when we are about to see Sugar get blind-sided. Jeff asked Sugar about her time on exile and her teammates. Crystal all but admitted that she searched Sugar’s bag and Sugar seemed to not care. GC and Kelly had votes that we saw and Jeff tallied the votes. Jeff asked in the immunity idol was going to be played and Sugar did not respond.

GC got three votes fairly quickly and got voted off after Kelly got a vote, making him the fifth one to go.

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Images courtesy Monty Brinton/CBS.

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