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Supernanny Rescues…A Nanny?

October 17, 2008 09:10 PM by Lisa Stauber

Supernanny works her magic again, this time rescuing the Park family and their nanny, Alejandra from out of control kids. Kyle has ADHD, but mom Heather Parks took him off the medication because it didn’t seem to be helping. Their nanny doesn’t have much experience and no one seems to be in charge of the three Parks children.

Supernanny Jo Frost arrives in California to help Heather and Michael teach their kids to control themselves. They both work full time, and the nanny can’t control them either. “I have a discipline method,” Michael says, “But it’s inconsistent.” Both parents agree that Nanny Alejandra is a pushover who lets the kids do whatever they want.

Six year old Kyle is having problems in kindergarten, but medication didn’t seem to help. He gets frustrated and melts down, and homework – even in kindergarten – takes hours. “Our kids have problems, and we’re having problems handling it.” They are counting on Supernanny to make theirs a happy home.

Jo arrives, and is greeted by Alejandra. Michael and Heather are at work, and the nanny tries to introduce the kids but Kyle loses control and starts to punch his sister. He runs off while Alejandra chases him. Then he runs off to jump into the pool. The kids don’t listen to their nanny, and the kids actually do get their way all day. Kyle runs out to the road and Alejandra scoots out the door to leave before Heather even gets inside the house.

Supernanny observes Heather’s parenting style. The four year old is crying while the boys play baseball in the house. “They just go crazy,” Heather says. It’s homework time, and Kyle claims he can’t do it. Mom threatens him and takes away his video games, and he that does work a little. Jo talks to mom about the medication issue, and Heather claims he’s getting better. She still can’t control any of her children, and they are wild and throw fit after fit. She can’t wait until Dad gets home.

Michael arrives, and gives the kids a time out. Kyle thinks it’s a big game. Dad gets more and more frustrated, which makes Kyle more and more aggressive. He doesn’t know what to do with his rambunctious son, and hopes he doesn’t get kicked out of school. Jo gives Kyle a pep talk and leaves so she can prepare for the parent’s meeting.

Parent’s Meeting
Jo starts off by talking about their nanny. “In my eyes, she’s a babysitter,” Jo says. “She’s having to deal with children who are unruly and don’t listen to her.” Jo thinks it’s unfair to give Alejandra a bunch of kids who are so undisciplined. “I have no clue how to control them myself,” Heather says. She moves on to discipline.

“What I saw was a bunch of empty threats,” Jo says. “You’re a joke. There are no clear expecations.” Wow, Supernanny doesn’t pull any punches! She moves onto Kyle’s issues. “What do you do constructively to help him?” Heather admits she doesn’t do much of anything, and everyone just reacts instead of nurturing him and helping him. “He won’t stand a chance,” she says, “When his own parents won’t give him a chance!”

Teaching Time
Supernanny sends Alejandra away until Heather and Michael know that they can do it themselves. Heather’s shocked. “My gosh, what is she doing!” The next thing on Jo’s agenda is to establish house rules. The list is short and sweet. Be kind, stay out of the pool, and listen top the list.

Michael is going to learn to minimize Kyle’s behavior so he doesn’t make things worse. Next, Supernanny sets up a motivational reward system because consistent rewards are helpful for impulsive children. She goes through some tips for homework with Mom and Heather thinks they will really help.

Jo attends a teacher’s meeting. Kyles’ been suspended several times, and he’s only a kindergartner. The school will start sending home a daily report so that the teacher and parents can communicate. Alejandra returns, and Jo coaches Nanny on proper nannying. She wants the nanny and the mother to talk to each other. Jo gives them a Nanny Diary, so they can leave each other notes and let each other know what is going on with the kids.

Parents On Their Own
Jo leaves the family, then reviews DVD footage of how things went while she was gone. Heather does great encouraging Kyle tpo finish his homework. Kyle and Michael don’t fare so well. Kyle gets mad and screams, but Dad keeps his cool and helps him to calm down with a hug. Unfortunately, Kyle gets ahold of some scissors and gives himself a haircut while Mom watches.

Jo decides the Parks need a few tweaks on safety. She brings in some safety latches for the back gate and the front door. They lock all the drawers and Supernanny buys some safety scissors, too. Jo also concentrates on teaching Alejandra to discipline the children on her own, as well.

Everything is going much more smoothly, and the nanny can keep the peace in the house as well. Heather and Michael Parks have the tools they need to help their son and the house is happy again.

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  1. tbenitez Says:
    January 2nd, 2009 at 11:10 pm

    Ok. So I watched this episode with the Park family on a rerun tonight and during the whole show I couldn’t stop trying to figure out how this family kept their home looking so perfect and so clean with three young children! I have three kids 2, 3, and 7 and my home can never look as clean and perfectly organized as this woman’s home. My husband and I both work and there are always toys all over the floor books on the tables etc. and this woman has her home looking like the models that are staged for new home buyers! How does she do it? Any ideas anyone? Email me at tbenitez@frontiernet.net.


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