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Extreme Makeover: Home Edition. Living Like Kings!

October 19, 2008 06:06 PM by Candace Young

Ty begins the show by reminding us that this season is about honoring heroes. The Design Team is on a bus to Charlotte, North Carolina. He introduces them via video to the King Family; Curtis and Alisha, and their three kids, Justin, 18; Kirkland, 11; and Laila, 6. Ty explains that Alisha started out as a single mother before she met Curtis, and together they built the Step-By-Step Daycare. Curtis explains that they don’t mind helping people out by letting the kids come early or stay later if needed. Ty adds that the family often cares for children free of charge, and as a result is basically living below the poverty line. If that isn’t enough, the King family has recently discovered that their home has a mould problem, and that is making their asthmatic daughter very ill. The Kings worry about all of the children at the Daycare since they can’t afford to make the necessary repairs.

Door Knock – Day 1

The Design Team arrives and Alisha breaks down, telling Ty how very grateful she feels. Ty tells them that as they know, they are heading on vacation – to Puerto Rico! The family celebrates, and Alisha heads inside to show Ty the house. He notes that you can smell mould as soon as you enter the laundry room. He notices some bags stacked up and Alisha explains that they are donated bags of clothing for the kids in the daycare. She tells Ty that the authorities have told her that the daycare will be closed if they don’t do the repairs and fix the mould problem. Alisha says there would be a lot of hardships if they close – she doesn’t know what the parents would do with their children. Ty says she takes care of people, but this week she’ll be taken care of!

The Design Team members get to know the children and find out what they need and want from their own spaces. Didiayer is stunned to see how many medications Laila must take, and Rib spends time with Kirkland who is into insects and astronomy. Ed is shown some of the art that Curtis, the father, has done and says he needs a spot to do his thing and inspire his family.

Day 2

The blue-clad volunteers arrive along with Rick Merlini from American Home Builders, who is doing the Extreme Makeover: Home Edition for the second time! Ed explains that Rick is a very selfless man who enjoys helping others, even when he, himself, has had to relocate to try and save his business due to the mortgage crisis.

On vacation, the King family connects with Ty via laptop computer while on the beach. They are amazed to see the number of volunteers, and watch, cheering, as their house in demolished.

Day 3

Ed explains that the new house in being framed, and that a portion of it is designated for the new daycare. Ty is with the kids who attend the Step-By-Step Daycare. He has them take off their shoes and creates a project with tracings of their feet.

Day 4

The team is installing a new ventilation system in the King family’s new home, which will make a much healthier environment for Laila. Meanwhile, Didiayer is planning a purse-making station for Laila’s room. Michael is running a clothing drive, because taking in and redistributing clothing is something that Alisha has been doing. He connects with the King family over the laptop, and tells them about the clothing donations, and also that Tyson was giving them a year’s supply of food for themselves and for the daycare!

Day 5

The cabinets are arriving on the trucks and the house is really coming along! Ed is excited about the art area he is making for Curtis. Rib is putting plasma discs in Kirkland’s room – it’s a mad scientist room! Ty is recycling old milk jugs and making them into plastic lumber that can be used in the playground.

Ed speaks with the parents that bring their children to the Step-By-Step Daycare. One woman breaks down as she tells how Alisha never turns them down, whether it’s for over time, or even on a weekend.

Day 6

Michael is buying new industrial size laundry appliances for Alisha’s laundry room. Rick tells Ty that the house is done! Ty gets the keys and the furniture moving begins.

Day 7

The limo pulls up as Ty announces to the crowd that the house is finished. Ty asks if they are ready to see behind the bus and the chant begins. When the bus moves away, and the new house is revealed, Alisha goes completely crazy, jumping up and down and thanking Jesus. Ty brings Rick Merlini forward so that the family can thank him. He is thrilled that he was able to give back to a woman who is going to give back to the community!

The King family ventures inside their new home and sees a beautiful open concept home. Little Laila leaps at Ty in joy! He asks her to take a deep breath, “That’s clean air!” He then encourages them to go see the rest of the house. Laila checks out her pink, purse-making room, and does a little dance of happiness.

Kirkland enters his science-theme room with the plasma discs in his headboard. He declares he is going to wind up smarter than Einstein in his new room. Justin is amazed that his room is actually his own room! He is thrilled with the desk and computer that will help him in his education. Curtis is stunned to see that there is a room for his art, and Alisha is freaking out over the room full of donated clothes – Alisha’s Clothes Closet!

Next, it’s time for Alisha and Curtis to see their new bedroom. She says it’s a relaxing environment to recharge in. Ty tells them that there is one more thing he has to show them. He asks her to go inside and check out the new Step-By-Step Daycare. Alisha comes apart as she sees the crib and crafts table. Ty points out all of the new games and activities. He then calls in the kids and they all rush to embrace Alisha!

Last, Ty tells the children to go outside and see the backyard. As they venture out, they see an enormous playground. Ty then announces that every family involved with Step-By-Step Daycare will also be receiving free food for a year from Tyson Foods! Alisha breaks down and says that they really need it- it’s one less thing for them to worry about. Curtis says there is a satisfaction knowing that people are going to be helped. Ty winds up by saying, “Welcome home, King Family!”

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Photos Courtesy of ABC & Charlotte Observer

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