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The Amazing Race 13: But I don’t even like Kiwis

October 19, 2008 06:58 PM by Britteny Elrick

The remainingteams depart from Bolivia to travel to New Zealand in tonight’s episode ofThe Amazing Race. Although Starr continues to have drama withKelly and Christy,she seems to let it goafter seriously injuring herself in one of the challenges. Tinaovercomes her fearofheights when she accepts afast forward that putsher and Kenin the lead for the third straight week in a row.

Tension mounts as Kelly and Christy confront Starr and Nick about the fact that they asked Ty to use the UTURN on them. Aja and Ty are having a hard time being around each other 24/7 since they are used to having a long distance relationship. Ty starts calling her”Fidel.” When the teams wake up, theyfind out they will be leaving Bolivia and traveling to Aukland, New Zealand. Ken and Tina are the first to depart and admit that they are starting to get along a lot better. When the teams arrive at the airport, it is in the middle of the night so they aren’t able tobook any flights. Kelly and Christy are happythat even though they were the last team to depart (due to Christy’s bicycle difficulties on the last leg), all the teams ended up getting on the same flight to New Zealand.

When the teams arrive on land, they are supposed to travel by car to Golf Harbor and untie a knot to retrieve their next clue. All the teams are neck and neck, but some of them startgetting lost. Aja and Ty get a flat tire and have to pull over. Ty has no idea how to changethe tireand Aja tries to get someone to help them. The first three teams to arrive are Ken/Tina, Andrew/Dan, and Terrence/Sarah. They must make their way to Mount Eden.The teamsdiscover a fast forward which would allowthe first team there toskip all other steps and go directly to the pit stop. Ken and Tina and Andrew and Dan decide to race to the fast forward location. Ken and Tina are the first to get out and their task is to climb to the top of a sky needle and retrieve a gnome. (Tina is afraid of heights so this is particularly difficult for her)

The teams reach Mount Eden and encounter a road block.

ROAD BLOCK: One person must choose a tattoo image and match it up to the warrior who has it tattooed on his face. It is particularly hard because it is night time when the teams arrive.

Terrence and Sarah are the first to complete the task and are on their way to the next clue at City Life Hotel. They have to use binoculars to scan the areas surrounding the hotelto locatea gnome, then they have togo find it for their next clue, in which they must now drive to Kiwi 360.Starr and Nick arrive on the roof of the hotel to find Kelly and Christy, however, they immediately find a gnome and leave. Kelly and Christy continue to struggle for a while.

DETOUR: matter or time: drive to a kiwi orchard where they have to crush enough kiwis with their feetto make twelve quarts of juice and then eachdrink a glass. OR matter of skill: they must assemble and race a pair of go-karts forthree laps. Dallas and Toni are having so much trouble with the kiwis that they decide to quit and do the other detour. There are also jagged rocks at the bottom of the kiwi cart which starts to bother the contestants feet. Starr crashes her go-kart and thinks she may have broken her arm, but finishes.

The final pit stop is Summer Hill.Phil’s dad greets the teams at the pit stop. Ken and Tina are the first to arrive for the third time in a row and they win a trip to Brazil. Terrence and Sarah are the second team to arrive, followed by Kelly and Christy! Toni and Dallas are next, then Nick and Starr, Andrew and Dan, Aja and Ty. Marisa and Brooke are the last to arrive and are eliminated from the race.

The Amazing Race airsSunday nights at8 PM ET on CBS.

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