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Dancing With The Stars: Whooo Whooo!

October 20, 2008 06:55 PM by Paulene Hinds

At the half-way point of the competition, tonight on Dancing With The Stars,the dancers faced off with four new dances; the Hustle, the Jitterbug, the West Coast Swing and the Salsa. When it comes to the ballroom battle, talent alone will not be enough!

The first dancers up tonight were Lance and Lacey. Last week they felt that they had a break through and Lance is now believing in himself. They have the West Coast Swing tonight as their dance style and this is Lacey’s expertise, so the routine should have been interesting. Their song was, “Breaking Dishes.” Len said that Lance proved that he can dance and Lacey needs to let him shine more. Bruno said that in spite of a promising beginning, Lance seemed to be dancing around Lacey. Carrie Ann said that Lacey’s goal is to make Lance a champion and he has great potential. Their score this evening was 21.

Next up this evening were; Toni and Alec. Toni is trying to have a break through herself this week with their West Coast Swing. Alec was a little nervous going head to head with the West Coast champion Lacey. Their song was, “The Way You Make Me Feel.”Toni even moon-walked across the floor during the routine. Bruno said that when she wants to she can actually deliver, but what was the moonwalk? Carrie Ann said that the dance was difficult to do and that they were over-dancing the routine. Len said that things are not happening and that Toni needs to get a bit more excitement coming into the dances and sit down, re-group and come back strong. Their score this evening was 22.

Next Susan and Tony were up. Susan was having severe difficulty with her ankle again. After an MRI it turned out that she had a fracture of the bone. She got on the floor anyway and danced the Hustle to, “Upside Down Your Turning Me.” Carrie Ann said that the song was a lot of fun and SHE LIKED THE LIFTS! She said that Susan went through it like a trooper. Len said that even though he knows Susan has an injury that Tony is treating Susan like a China doll and he has to get down and dirty and wants to see them dance their knickers off. Bruno said that the dance looked like an uptown girl hustle and she did all the steps required for it. They scored a 22 tonight.

The fourth couple to hit the dance floor this evening were Warren and Kym trying to get back on the judges side with their Hustle. With the competition being so fierce this week, they danced to, “Funky Town.” They received a standing ovation! Len said that is what he wants and that is what he is talking about and he really enjoyed it. Bruno said that this is a guy that really knows how to funk. Carrie Ann said that they brought us all back…good job! Tonight the judges gave them a score of 25. This guy is really getting under my skin a goooood waaayyy! HOT!

Next up were my favorite dancers…Cloris and Corky. Tonight they were performing a Salsa! She was going to be able to get into the character of this routine for sure! Theydanced to, “Oye.” WAY TO GO LADY!!! Bruno said the old girl can still turn a trick! He said she did a Salsa like she had drunk a pitcher of Margaritas. Carrie Ann said that everyone so loves what she brings to the dance floor. Len said that he loves her because she is the first person older than him on the dance floor and said that she was hotter than a chili pepper. Their score was 21!

Last week the next couple stalled and Maurice and Cheryl felt that this week they were coming on strong with a Salsa performance. Cheryl felt that it was uncomfortable as she is a ballroom dancer and she was having a hard time explaining the dance to him. They Salsa’d to, “I Want Everything.” Carrie Ann said WHOOOO HOOOO and hugged Maurice. Len said that they should get a 10 for energy. Bruno said that whateverCheryl did to him she should do it again…Way to Go! The judges gave them a 27.

Style number four was next…the Jitterbug and Brooke and Derek were ready to make sure that their dance was in first place even though Derek knew nothing of the routine. After some internet research they performed, “Don’t Be Cruel.” Len said that in 1959 he had the exact same hairdo. He said that Brooke is consistant. Bruno said it was glorious. Carrie Ann said…can I nit pick, I can’t…I am sorry! They received the highest score tonight 29.

The final dance of the night was from Cody and Julianne and they too were performing the Jitterbug. After taking charge last week in a top notch Tango, they were ready to knock this dance out of the park. They danced to, “VIP.” They also received a standing ovation. Bruno said that the dance was a firebug. He liked the slap stick of the routine. Carrie Ann said that the dance was the perfect one for him. Len said it had fun, energy, was entertaining and he liked it. They received a 28 tonight and are about to give Brooke and Derek a run for their money!

Tomorrow night at 9 PM ET the result show will be on with special guest; three time Grammy winner, Brian Setzer and his orchestra as well as The Macy’s Stars of Dance.

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Photo Credit: ABC

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