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Animal Planet’s New Show: Living With The Wolfman

October 21, 2008 12:00 PM by Paulene Hinds


Tonight at 10 PM, Animal Planet will be premiering their newest show; Living with the Wolfman. This exciting new show follows British wolf expert, Shaun Ellis who became famous for his unprecedented experiences embedded in a wolf pack as he attempts to try and integrate his fiance Helen Jeffs into the pack. Will he be able to bring his two loves together?

For years, Shaun has been sleeping, eating and brawling with a pack of captive wolves at Combe Martin Wildlife Park in Devon, England, successfully infiltrating the pack and becoming its peacemaker. Shaun lives like this in order to promote a greater human understanding of wolves and help them to re-grow the wolf populations.

Ellis is just short of becoming a wolf himself, and he might have become one if it weren’t for his other true love; Helen Jeffs. Helen is Shaun’s fiancÃe, but when it comes to the wolves, she is still not yet integrated into this extension of Shaun’s family. Tonight that is about to change as Shaun will attempt to bring his two loves together in this new show.

In her journey to become accepted by Shaun’s pack, Helen must face her fears and get closer to these wild animals than most people would ever dare. She goes to extremes, changing her diet and hygiene habits in order not to disturb the wolves’ keen sense of smell. Once inside the pack, Helen has to growl, bark and bite her way to authority (literally), all under Shaun’s guidance. She comes uncomfortably close to the wolves as she defends her place on the carcasses of prey and even regurgitates her own food into the wolves’ mouths all in hopes of becoming part of Shaun’s mission and the first woman ever to live with wolves.

There is more to this couple thoughthan just living life with the wolves. The couple must balance their life with the wolves withdomestic life as well and Living with the Wolfman will follow the couple as they try tolive inboth worlds.

“When you fall for a wolfman, you put more than your heart on the line,” says Marjorie Kaplan, president and general manager of Animal Planet. “We think viewers will be riveted by Helen’s experiences as she tries to commit to this new life and by the unique love that Shaun and Helen have for each other and for the wolves.”

Living with a Wolfman is produced for Animal Planet by Tigress Productions. Andrew Jackson is the executive producer for Tigress and Erin Wanner is the executive producer for Animal Planet.

For a preview of tonight’s premiere: CLICK HERE!

Also…Animal Planet is running a contest for First Aid Kits and if you would like to enter foryour chance to win one: CLICK HERE! WatchLiving with a Wolfman tonighton Animal Planet and beintroduced to this not-so-average couple with two, one-hour specials. A 10-part series will follow chronicling Helen’s successful, or not so successful, introduction into the pack.

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Photo Credit: Animal Planet

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