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America’s Next Top Model Cycle 11: Now You See Me, Now You Don’t

October 22, 2008 06:25 PM by Britteny Elrick

Seven girls remain in the competition to become America’s Next Top Model. Nerves are starting to get the best of some models, while others feel their cultural differences maylead to theirdownfall. Tyra makes a big announcement at this week’s judging and tells the models they will beflying to Amsterdam next week! Find out which girl won’t be tagging along…

Sheena’s nerves are starting to get the best of her after being in the bottom two last week. Joslyn feels like she’s breaking down mentally and physically and has a lot to prove. Elina is frustrated because the judges feel she isn’t open enough. She thinks it’s because she’s European and Marjorie connects with her sentiment. Samantha asks them why they haven’t adapted yet since they’ve been here since they were young. Elina bursts out in tears at her hurtful comments and Marjorie is very upset as well. The girls both feel attacked, but the rest of the house thinks they are only making excuses. Later on, Sheena confronts Elina and Marjorie again. She tells them they need to grow up and get over their upbringings. Things are awkward in the house all week.

TYRA MAIL: Work it. Sell it. Own it.

The girls are greeted by the aswirl twins, who will teach them how to work their garments and accessories. The girls do some practice modelingbefore they are sent off to their challenge. James St. James is there to introduce Nony’s collection and the girls will wear a green suit (over their face as well) that makes them invisible on the tv screen. Nony will watch to see who models her new collection the best. Ann Shoket stops by to tell them they will win a holiday spread in Seventeen. The winner is Elina! She chooses to bring Marjorie and Analeigh with her.

TYRA MAIL: A well read model is always prompt.

THE SHOOT: Girls arrive to find Cycle 10 winner, Whitney Thompson. The girls will be doing a mini-commercial off of a teleprompter. Samantha brought good energy to the set. Jay tells Elina that once again, she is too controlled. Analeigh did an amazing job and was very natural. McKey was a bit too “clueless.” Meanwhile, Joslyn is backstage throwing up, but she doesn’t quit. Sheena did an excellent job as well. Marjorie is extremely concerned for the judging as she feels she underperformed on all tasks this week.

THE JUDGING: Guest judge- Frank Ockenfels,the director from the commerical. Tyra announces the girls will be going to Amsterdam next week! Samantha’s commercial is first and the judges feel she didn’t enunciate well enough. Marjorie rushed it and bobbed her head too much. Analeigh did a great job and Tyra said it was the best in ANTM history! Joslyn was too fake and overdone. Elina looked down at her feet too much and is still holding back. Sheena did a natural, good job. McKey was boring and a bit disastrous.

Analeigh is the first to be called. Sheena was the runner up for best commercial. Sheena is followed by Samantha, Marjorie, and McKey. The bottom two are Elina and Joslyn. Tyra tells them Joslyn started out strong, but is now faultering. She says Elina takes strong pictures but is too controlled in her real personality. Elina is called, Joslyn goes home.

The show currentlyairs Wednesdays on the CW at 8 PM ET.

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Photo Credit: The CW

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