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Celebrity Apprentice Sighting: Out Of The Boardroom And Into The Laundryroom

October 22, 2008 03:00 PM by Paulene Hinds

Rumour has it that part of the next installment of Celebrity Apprentice is currently being filmed…in a laundromat??? Apparently the challenge requiredthe starsto shoot a commercial for “ALL” laundry detergent.

A source told Reality TV magazine that Jesse James, Tionne “T Boz” Watkins of TLC fame and Melissa Rivers were among the celebrities sited. There were at least two other celebrities with them, although the source couldn’t place their faces.

Jesse James looked to be the star of the commercial and was standing in between two sets of washing machines with bottles of the detergent around him. His acting skills came into play when he had to smell his armpit and declare that they didn’t smell because the detergent gets his clothes clean. The source wasn’t sure if his declaration was a joke or was actually part of the commercial challenge.

This may have been a better challenge for the sound crew of Celebrity Apprentice by the sounds of it. Apparently, the guys don’t know what a washing machine is! The source commented, “He walked up to a washing machine, pointed at it and asked me what it was. I answered, “A washing machine.” The source quipped quipped, “Maybe he doesn’t do his own laundry and had never seen one before.”

The second edition of Celebrity Apprentice will premiere January 2009 on NBC.

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Photo Credit:NBC

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