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Survivor: Gabon Sends Another Feng Tribe Member Home

October 23, 2008 06:24 PM by DA Southern


Survivor host, Jeff Probst, recapped the imploding of the Feng tribe on last week’s episode and GC’s subsequent ouster by his tribe mates. After the ouster, we saw the Survivor tribe, Feng, once again slump back to their pitiful camp and hope that a merger was in the works, for their sakes and ours. The fear had to be among the tribe that Kota is so dominant at this point, that they may never be able to escape seeing Jeff at Tribal Council, and their attitude all but said that.

Day 16

Feng was still struggling to survive as day broke and we saw Ace and Matty meet for a secret meeting to form a “mini-alliance” between them and, we assume with Sugar, as well, although Sugar was not in on the meeting. If the going gets tough, Sugar will probably be kicked under the bus, if need be.


Kota was back performing like the winning tribe they were, saw cracks in the armor as several of the tribe thought that Dan was eating too much. So much for tribe unity. Back at Feng, they were arguing over the amount of rice they had and how much they should be eating. Ace approached Sugar and told her that the others had gone through her bag and knew she had the idol. Sugar decided to give it to Ace and probably made a huge error.

Reward Challenge

The challenge was that everyone was tethered to a snake and had to around in a circle and try to catch each other. Who ever caught the other won some coffee and pastries and. after Corinne sat out, Jeff started them in the circle. Feng started out strong, but with the lack of food obviously affecting them, the members dropped out fairly quickly, leaving Matty and Ace to try to make it for the hapless Feng tribe. Kota quickly caught up to the beleaguered Feng tribe and snatched another parcel of food from Feng’s mouths. Kota sent Sugar back to exile to eat well once again, for some unknown reason, and the Feng tribe went home empty-handed.


Kota took their food back and the biggest argument they seem to get into was how much food each should get. Must be tough for the poor Survivors. Randy was concerned that he might be caught in Dan’s wake as everybody was still hacked off at him for eating more and decided to slowly distance himself from him, just in case. On exile, Sugar was starting to feel the effects of the constant trips to the island and lamented that she might have not done such a great thing giving the idol to Ace. Ace and Kelly were starting to wonder about Crystal and thought that she might have to go if it came down to it because she seemed to be losing it and crying a bit too much for Ace’s sake.

Day 17; Immunity Challenge

Kota was back catching fish and even manage to pull in a turtle to cook up. The tribe just can’t seem to do any wrong, but losing a reward challenge due to overconfidence would be a bummer. Meeting with Jeff once again, Jeff said that immunity was back up for grabs. Team members were going to be tied together and had to navigate an obstacle and had to get pieces of a flag pole. As usual, Feng started out pretty strong, but Kota seemed to make up a bit on the first leg and passed Kelly and Sugar to get the lead. Kota started to pull ahead with a pretty good lead as Feng desperately tried to make up some ground with Ace and Crystal tearing up the course. With the last leg, Feng actually had a bit of a lead and managed to make a race out of it. The teams started to assemble their flag poles almost at the same time, but the sheer teamwork ability of Kota overtook the Feng tribe sending them back to Tribal Council with Jeff.


Once again, Feng had to decide who was going home and with the recent weakness that Kelly had portrayed during the immunity challenge, there was talk of her going home early on. Matty tried to get Ace to flush out the idol, not knowing that he had it. Matty went back to Crystal to talk about tribal council and there was real confusion as to who was playing who. Ken wanted to blindside Ace and Ken went to try to talk to Sugar about blindsiding Ace. Sugar, who has no sense, told Ken that she gave the idol to Ace and now it was confusing how this tribal was going to go.

Tribal Council

Jeff started off by saying that the tribe had only won two challenges and that he had seen no teamwork but a bunch of individuals just playing the game. Crystal and Kelly got into a heated discussion at tribal and you could tell the others were uncomfortable. When Kelly and Ace got into it, Jeff was wondering who might be going. Kelly got a quick vote from Ace and no other votes were shown. Jeff read the votes and asked for the immunity idol and, when it wasn’t played, we saw that Kelly and Crystal each got a vote fairly quickly. Kelly got the next three votes and was sent packing.

Jeff ended the tribal council by saying that it was the first time he had seen some passion form the group and sent them back to their camp to try to rally as a team.


Next week on Survivor, we will see each of the tribes voting someone out, probably setting up a merge soon after.

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