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Extreme Makeover: Home Edition. The Miracle House!

October 26, 2008 06:06 PM by Candace Young

As this episode of Extreme Makeover: Home Edition gets underway, Ty Pennington and his Design Team are heading to Bigelow, Arkansas. On the way, Ty tells the designers the story of 10 year-old hero, Job McCully, a boy who is an inspiration in his small town. He has survived leukemia, a bone marrow transplant, and a double lung transplant! Ty explains that Job is now suffering from diabetes and swelling from the medications he must take.

Job has spent years going in and out of the hospital, and was most recently released in March, however, he still couldn’t go home! It turns out that the McCully household is sinking, moldy, and dilapidated – totally unsuitable for Job. His parents, Rob and Tina, explain that the community of Bigelow has rallied around the family. Tina had to quit work to care for Job, and the house became a low priority. Unfortunately, it was deemed unlivable. Ty calls Job an incredible kid – a fighter.

Door Knock Day

On door knock day, Ty and the Design Team greet Rob, Tina, Job and his older sister, Nicole, as well as their grandma. Ty tells the family that they are going to a beach resort in Santa Barbara, California while the team works. They head from the house they’ve been staying in to their condemned house. Ty and the parents go inside to take a look. They smell the mould and the floor is like a springboard! Ty notices a photo of Job when he was four years old, before he became ill, and is very moved by it.

Out at the bus, Job tells Paul he likes camping and the outdoors, and that he would like to be in a pirate video game! Paige finds out that Job’s sister, Nicole, likes music, particularly Christian music. Tracy talks to the grandmother about how difficult it has been watching Job go through all of this. Tina tells Ty that Job got his name from the bible, and he will be more blessed in the second part of his life than he has been in the first part. Ty offers her a hug and notes that this family has faced this together.

Day 2

The army of volunteers makes it’s way up the rural road to the McCully’s home. Ty introduces Jack from Woodhaven Homes, who will be in charge of building the new house. He says he is honored to be involved, noting that he went through something similar with his own son, and you can feel the family’s pain.

Ty checks in with the McCully family on their vacation. Job says that he is having a great time. All of the volunteers holler ‘hello’ and Ty tells Job to push the button on the computer which opens a simulated treasure chest. The family is stunned to see that Ty has arranged for a band of pirates to emerge from the trees to demolish the house – pirate-loving Job is thrilled! The computer next prompts Job to shoot a cannon, before showing the excavator ripping apart the roof of their old home!

Day 3,4

As the new house comes together, Paige works with a guitar theme for Nicole’s room, while Paul explores the camping thing for inspiration for Job’s space. When Ty tells them that they will be heading down to the hospital where Job spent his time, Paige mentions that musician Mark Schultz is a favorite of Nicole’s. Ty makes note of it. Once they arrive at the hospital, the family is contacted online and surprise, surprise, Mark Schultz appears and performs a special song for the family! Tracy explains that the song was about a father praying for his young son’s life. She cries as she says seeing the sick children at the hospital breaks your heart.

Paul is really moving forward with an outdoor-feel pirate theme for Job’s bedroom. The volunteers helping him listen to what needs to be done, then shout. “Aye-aye Captain!” Eduardo is out taking some photos of people in the community for inspiration. Paul, still dressed as a pirate, is now launching an attack on Ty’s secret room, but is turned away unceremoniously!

Day 5,6

Soon, it is time for the furniture truck to arrive. Paige starts handing things down off of the truck for the volunteers to carry in, while Ty proudly puts up a new mailbox with the McCully family name on it.

Move That Bus!

It’s already that time! The house is finished and the limo containing the McCully family pulls up behind the bus. Ty helps Job out of the car and asks if everyone is ready. The crowd chants “Move that bus!” As the bus clears out, the family is stunned, leaving little Job speechless, and his father, Robert, repeating himself endlessly, “Look at that house,” Jack the builder, crouches down and embraces Job. He tears up as he tells the family how much it meant to him down deep to be a part of this experience.

The family goes inside to check out the new digs. Tina is taken with the beauty of the light-colored open concept living areas. Job wheels over and opens his new refrigerator. Ty explains that the house has the cleanest air you can get, and that everything in the kitchen is wheelchair accessible!

Upstairs, Nicole is blown away by her new guitar/music themed bedroom. She says she looks forward to playing with Job with the new guitar hero game. The grandmother, Glenda, is moved to tears at the sight of her gorgeous new lilac bedroom. Job is rolled into his new space, and the whole family gasps as the pirate-themed room is revealed, along with a huge screen on which Job has been made a character in the Pirates of the Caribbean video game!

Ty tells Job’s parents that their new bedroom was his special project this week. They open the door and see a peaceful and serene setting with a huge ensuite bathroom! They call it their sanctuary. Out in the backyard/patio, Ty welcomes the family to Camp McCully. Complete with firepit, the yard is set up to simulate a camping spot and they set out to cook some s’mores! Tina is overwhelmed and breaks down in tears. “It’s so wonderful.” She calls this Job’s miracle house! Ty says, “Welcome home, McCully family.”

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Photos Courtesy of ABC and thehousejackbuilt.com

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