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Dancing With The Stars: Michael Flatley Guest Judge

October 27, 2008 06:59 PM by Paulene Hinds

Tonight on Dancing With the Stars, everyone was pushing themselves and each other to the limit. The first group routine of the season was performed tonight and the first ever guest judge, Michael Flatley joined Carrie Ann and Bruno in the judges box, giving Len a rest.

The first dancers up tonight were Maurice and Cheryl and this week they danced the Vienesse Waltz. They danced to, “Gravity.” Michael said that the timing could have been better, but all in all a beautiful dance. Carrie Ann said that she feels the chemistry is lacking and they need to work on that. Bruno said that the dance lacked fluidity and the dance should look like a surfer on the crest of a wake, but their dance looked like a surfer on dry land. They scored 21 tonight.

Next up were Lance and Lacey. They practiced this week in Florida at the same studio where N’Sync practiced. His band mates Chris and Joey came out to see him and give him a man to man talk. They danced a Jive to, “Tutti Fruitti.” Bruno said the Lance is back on target! Michael said that he didn’t want to hear anymore about lack of confidence as it is built out of hard work, determination and self belief andLance had everything tonight…he came out smoking. Carrie Ann said Whoo hoo and Len would be so proud of you! They received a 27 tonight.

Last week the next dancer, Susan Lucci fought through her routine after injuring herself and this week she went out of the studio with Tony to a Mambo club to learn to let her hair down. This week her and Tony danced a Mambo to a traditional Spanish song, “Si Senior.” Carrie Ann said that she thought that this week she broke the box and is proud of her. Bruno said that finally he sees her working, but the timing was off. Michael said that Susan was the epitomy of beauty and grace and shouldn’t change who she is. Their score was 23.

Brooke and Derek were on the floor next. Last week they set a season high with their routine and this week Brooke was now injured with a tendon strain. She worked through the injury and their dance tonight was the Rumba. They danced to, “No Air.” Michael said that they took his breath away. Carrie Ann said that it wasn’t their best dance and that the injury held her back. Bruno said that even standing there she smoldered like a flame, but the execution of her routine wasn’t quite as sharp as usual. They received a 26 as Michael had to give them a 10 after saying he hoped he had a card big enough to hold their score!

Up next tonight was the star that drew mixed reactions last week…Cloris. She and Corky performed a vintage Cha Cha Cha tonight and sheforgot a lot of what shehad to do, but shekept smiling through the whole thing. Bruno said that she is the only person in the world able to sell such nonsense and people buy it. Michael said that she is a legend and an inspiration to older people and his father told him that he better not say anything bad about her. Carrie Ann said that they lost Toni Braxton for this and that makesher sad….Carrie Ann WAS BOOED by the audience and by ME! Their score for the evening was 15.

Next Cody and Julianneperformed a Samba. Last week Julianne was very sick after their routine and had to take a few days off to recooperate. She still wasn’t up to par as they danced to, “Wind Up.” Carrie Ann said that was the most intense Samba she had ever seen. Bruno said that Carrie Ann got it completely wrong this week and there was no exuberance. Michael said that Cody has everythting it takes and he wasn’t convinced it was his best dance, but the best is yet to come from him. They received a 23 for their dance this evening. Julianne admitted to the viewers that she has endometriosis and is going into surgery tomorrow to remove her appendix. Poor Cody was almost in tears as she said that he would be dancing with Edyta until she could return.

Warren and Kym hit the dance floor next with a sexy Rumba. They danced to, “Irreplaceable.” Michael said that it was very entertaining and that there is a lot more to dance than perfect technique and they showed that. Carrie Ann said it was very sexy. Bruno said that Warren has the knack of getting the character right, but he made some mistakes tonight in the foot work. They received a 25.

Next the group routine was performed. All the couples were finally together doing the same routine with the same choreographer. Before they danced Cloris said, ” I’m Cloris Leachman, I’m the bomb…I brought the boom box, now let’s get it on!”

They kicked it old skool to, “It Takes Two.” Bruno thought that some dancerslooked hip and and some looked like they needed ahip replacement. Michael thought that it was wonderful and enjoyedthe power of the professional dancers. Carrie Ann said that some of the moves were what she started her career with and she enjoyed the routine. I personally didn’t think it was that great and was hoping for more hip hopthan flop!

The judges were not scoring this routine as it was only for the viewers to judge.

Tomorrow night on the results show, Michael Flately’s dancers will burn the floor, the Ballroom kids will perform and one more team will be eliminated.

Watch the show tomorrow at 9 PM ET on ABC.

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Photo Credit: Brisbanetimes.com

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