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Police Searching For Jennifer Hudson’s Nephew Find Body

October 27, 2008 09:30 AM by Paulene Hinds

Police searching for the missing seven-year-old nephew of the actress Jennifer Hudson have found the body of a young black boy in a vehicle that went missing from the family home in Chicago. Police have yet to confirm the child’s identity, but the body was found in the white Chevrolet Suburban sports utility vehicle that was stolen from the Hudson’s home at the time of the murders of Jennifer Hudson’s mother and brother.

The body was discovered 14 miles from the house in Englewood, on Chicago’s South Side, where the actress and singer’s mother, Darnell Donerson, and brother, Jason Hudson, were killed.

The 7 year old Julian King has been missing since Friday and police have arrested his step-father, William Balfour, who had become estranged from the boy’s mother.

William Balfour is denying any involvement in the killings or the boys kidnapping and is refusing to cooperate with investigators.

Balfour’s alibi for the day of the killings has reportedly been contradicted by his girlfriend and that police were able to track his whereabouts on the day through his mobile phone.

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Photo Credit: Splashnews.com

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