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The Biggest Loser Eliminates The Other Half

October 28, 2008 07:20 PM by DA Southern


The Biggest Loser saw the Blue Team last week, in a spit decision, send Amy P. home, mostly because Heba and Phil, Amy P’s. husband, had drama between them. That was sure to have affected Heba’s decision in some way. Amy P. was definitely the odd woman out in the group and now Heba had to try to let it be known that the decision was not one made for persona reasons as she tried to motivate the team in her own way to super-achieve. One thing we do know by the Biggest Loser promo’s…someone does real well on the scales tonight, enough to completely demolish the other team’s loss on their own.

Phil was seen talking about how he was lost without Amy and that he was not sure who e could trust now in the game. Phil’s biggest regret was that Amy could not control the events of the past night. Bob was in to check on his Blue Team and, when he saw Amy P. gone, he said he was heartbroken. Bob was a little shocked about Brady’s three pound weight loss and thought that Vicky was the biggest game player that has ever walked into the house. Bob was furious when he finally learned that Brady was not eating every four hours as instructed.

The First Challenge

The teams walked into the next competition and met Ali as she told them that the reason that they were on the Biggest Loser because of the bad choices they had made. Ali welcomed the author of “Eat This, Not That,” David Zinczenko, and the teams were shown foods and had to guess which were more healthy. The winner would win a forty pound advantage in the next challenge. The first guess had both teams guessing right and the second guess had both teams winning again. The third guess had Amy guessing right, giving the Blue Team a one point advantage. After the fourth guess, the Blue team was still one point ahead, needing one more point to win. Heba and Renee squared off in the fifth food comparison and Heba got the answer for the Blue giving them the win and the advantage for the next challenge.


Drama Time

Back in the gym, the Blue Team was giving Phil the evil eye because he had made it personal with Heba. The Blue Team decided to have a pow-wow with the Black Team and Heba wanted to confront Phil face-to-face. You, know, typical drama stuff. Brady was glad to hear Heba go after Phil because he wanted to be the only “Hen in the henhouse.” The Black Team actually took offense at the attack and Phil felt pretty bad about the whole situation. After the event, the girls went up to Phil and reassured him that they were a team no matter what. Now, back to the show, I guess.

Big Challenge Day

The teams went to the next challenge and Ali met them in front of two big cranes and Ali said that they were half way through their journey. Each team would be in a harness and each team would be holding on to a rope and holding their combined body weight while being suspended in the air by the cranes. Al explained that the winner would get to choose someone on the losing team at the weigh-in that would not have their weight count. The last one holding the rope, of course, won. The Blue Team was holding 932 lbs and the Black Team was holding 918 lbs, including the extra 40 lbs from the challenge earlier in the week.


Ali announced that at 30 minutes into the challenge, one team member would have to let go. Michelle from the Black and Vicky from the Blue let go first, leaving the others to take up the slack. Phil was struggling to hold on and at about the 50 minute mark, Coleen and Renee were left holding on. Coleen quickly let go and the Blue Team was amazed that Renee was still holding on. Renee finally let go, giving the Blue team their first team win.

The Blue Team met to decide who they would pick to not have their weight count. They were actually having a tough time deciding as the weight distribution had been fairly even. Jillian came in and found out what the challenge results were and almost flipped out when she found out that one of the team member’s weight would not count. Jillian told them not to get caught up in the game aspect of the challenge but just stay focused on losing weight. Over at the Blue Team, Bob was talking to Heba and Amy about their sweet-tooth problem and that Extra Gum would help in that department and help to crave their cravings. After the most-excellent product placement, off they went to the gym.


Over at the Last-Chance Workout, Bob decided to run his Blue Team a bit…well, 10 miles…leaving Jillian tormenting her disadvantaged Black Team to sweat as many pounds as possible off before the weigh-in. Poor Heba was struggling with the running and the Black team were crying by the end of their workout.

The Weigh-In

Ali greeted the teams and asked the Blue Team pretty quickly who was going to sit out of the weigh-in. Heba announced that the Blue had decided on Michelle, which was a bit of a shock, especially to Michelle.

Black Team

Michelle lost 2 lbs, but it would not count for her team.
Renee lost 3 lbs
Coleen lost 2 lbs
Phil lost 3 lbs, for a team total of 8 lbs/1.18% loss probably sending them to elimination tonight as we know someone will lose more than the entire Black Team, as Ali said that the Blue Team only had to lose 11 lbs to win the weigh-in.

Blue Team

Brady came in with a huge loss of 13 lbs, sending the Black Team to elimination tonight.
Vicky lost 2 lbs
Heba lost 6 lbs
Amy lost 6 lbs, giving Black a 2.90% weight loss for the week.

Ali sent the Black Team off to deliberate and with Renee having immunity, Phil was looking a likely candidate as he professed his being homesick. Coleen was hopeful that Phil would come in on the short end of the stick and Phil said that he could be like Brady next week as he has had a couple of bad weeks. The Mother/Daughter combo had all of the power as they would probably vote in a block.


They all arrived with their trays in hand and Ali wondered if they had given up as they all had bad weight loss for the week. Renee cast the first vote for Phil and Michelle followed suit with the second vote for Phil. Phil voted for Michelle and Coleen ended Phil’s time on the ranch by casting the final vote for him sending him home for his 20th anniversary with his wife, Amy, who was eliminated last week. At least the Black Team was a bit more tender than the Blue Team was with Phil’s wife, Amy, last week.


Time will tell if that was the wisest decision but it should soon become an individual challenge as we get closer to the finals and it may not matter anyway.

Phil was next seen in a tender reunion with Amy and gave her some flowers and a present for their 20th anniversary. It was actually a nice moment as we saw the couple renew their vows in front of well-wishers. Since leaving the ranch, Phil has lost 106 lbs.

In two weeks, we will see the teams become one and, it looks like a return of the eliminated players. It should be fun.

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