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America’s Next Top Model Cycle 11: Click Those Wooden Heels

October 29, 2008 06:15 PM by Britteny Elrick

Only six girls remain in the struggle to beAmerica’s Next Top Model. Tonight, they will head off to Amsterdam where they will be met with some very interesting challenges. The models find themselves in some pretty heated debates over the culture they have found themselves immersed in. But there’s one thing that all of the girls have in common and that is the pressure to perform. Find out whose wooden shoes were made for walking on home…

When the girls arrive in Amsterdam they are greeted by Daphne Deckers (host of Holland’s Top Model). They are nstructed to roam around the city with a partner in order to complete a series of tasks. The winners will receive fifty extra frames. Sheena is astonished at the beauty of the city when she thought it would be all about drugs and sex. First, they must find Dam Square and use a pay phone to get their clue. Then they are to travel to the model house where they are greeted again by Daphne. Sam and Elina are the winners! The house is an amazing open loft and the girls are stunned. Analeigh’s commercial is on display at the house.

TYRA MAIL: People used to come to play, but fashion makes it hot today.

Elina, Analeigh, and Marjorie warm up by taking a hot bath together. Elina is very comfortable to be in Amsterdam because it reminds her of home. The girls walk to their challenge and are greeted by Jay in the red light district. They meet a designer who is working to clean up brothels and turn them into fashion studios. The girls are to pair up with a designer and model their clothes inside the windows of the brothel. Each designer has a different theme for their window: one wants it to resemble a dollhouse, the other a dreamlike fairyland, and the other has a freaky, punk rock feel. The winners will be able to participate as runway models in Amsterdam International fashion week. McKey and Sam win!

TYRA MAIL: I know you’ve just arrived but your voyage continues tomorrow.

Back at the house, some of the girls get into it about legal prostitution. Elina gets very defensive when some of the girls attack her because she isn’t offended by the idea.

PHOTO SHOOT: The girls are greeted by Jay who is aboard a large ship. He tells them they will be wearing medieval dresses with a twist. Photographer is Andy Tan. McKey is first to go and she is feeling the pressure to perform. Jay thinks she did a very “editorial” job. The girls are posing on the top deck of the ship. Sam is having another hard time posing but when it gets down to her extra frames, she really performs. Sheena looks a bit too costume-ish and she’s too uptight. Then she lets it all loose and tries to straddle one of the benches, but Jay is disappointed. Elina really tries to get into it, but she doesn’t listen to Jay at all when he is giving her instructions. She tells him she’s focused and he said that’s precisely what he doesn’t want. Analeigh has finally realized she can’t use her skating, but she needs to relax and then it will shine through. Marjorie does some amazing poses again and she’s learning to take criticism much better.

JUDGING: Elina is up first. Her face was a bit too strong and her hands were kind of claw-like. Tyra thinks she was too stiff, but overall a good picture. Sheena has a good face, but no passion in her body. Analeigh had a great pose. McKey had a fantastic shot and all the judges thought it was high fashion quality. Marjorie had another great pose, but Daphne comments on how shy she looks in person. Samantha had a stunning photo and pose, although her appearance in person was less than impressive.

The first named called is the picture winner of the week: McKey. Next name is Analeigh, followed by Marjorie, and Samantha. Elina and Sheena are in the bottom two. Tyra tells them that the judges think Elina is not a model in person, only in photos, and she cannot give up control. Sheena is full of personality, but her photos have only been okay. Elina’s name is called and Sheena goes home.

The show currentlyairs Wednesdays on the CW at 8 PM ET.

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Photo Credit: The CW

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