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Survivor: Gabon And A Double Elimination That Shocks

October 30, 2008 06:16 PM by DA Southern


Survivor: Gabon guarantees us a wild ride tonight as we know there will be a double-elimination and, hopefully, the Fang tribe will be able to keep it together and gain some confidence along the way. Jeff Probst once again caught us up with the action to date and it sounded like a repeat of the previous week. The Fang tribe lost at the immunity challenge and sent Kelly packing and thinned their ranks once again. With the double-elimination right around the corner, can the merge be far behind?

Day 19 opens with Fang starving and Kota thriving. Matty talked about how hopeless he felt in a moment with the camera crew. Crystal didn’t help the situation when she spilled the little amount of rice the tribe had when she tripped over the container and Ace said that Crystal would probably be the next “Lamb to the slaughter.” This is Survivor, however, and every turn has a different scenario being played out.


Reward Challenge

Day 20 had the Kota tribe all happy and Dan a little worried about not being part of the group. Corinne thought him a bit of a whiner and the tribes headed to their first challenge. A keep-a-way was on tap as the tribes had to break their opponents ball in a ring to gain points. Kota scored first and took a quick lead as Sugar and Bob squared off for the next point. Kota scored the second point and Matty and Dan squared off but Dan made short work of the Fang tribe and won the trip in a helicopter for some pampering for Kota and Sugar was sent to exile again. Even Jeff was amazed at why poor Sugar was being sent to Exile Island constantly.


It was all Rainbows and Unicorns as the Kota tribe enjoyed the spoils of victory once again as the helicopter carried them away. While the Kota tribe enjoyed more delicious food, they had a mail delivery of letters from home. Fang was griping amongst themselves when they got back to their pitiful camp and Matty was trying to persuade Ace to vote out Sugar, like they have already lost the next challenge.

Immunity Challenge

The next day, an immunity challenge was set for the tribes and Jeff announced that both tribes would go to tribal council but that two people would have a chance for individual immunity. Jeff said that it would be a round-robin match on a log-roll until winners were chosen. The matches did not take long and Ace and Marcus went to the final round with Sugar. Sugar went off first, leaving Marcus and Ace for immunity and Marcus edged out Ace for individual immunity. With the win, Jeff announced that there a twist. Marcus was able to give immunity to someone from the other tribe and Sugar was the lucky recipient. So, if Sugar doesn’t give it away, then she will survive another tribal council.


Day 21 had the tribe members trying to convince Sugar to vote with them. Funny how things turn around when Sugar was the prime target to be gone at the next Tribal. Sugar was approached by Ken to vote out Ace and she finally had a chance to see Ace’s true colors when she tried to talk to him about the situation.

The First Tribal Council

Fang was arguing quickly about the spilled rice to Jeff and Sugar was amazed that the tribe was even arguing about it. Jeff sent the tribe to vote and we saw Crystal vote for Ace and Matty vote for Crystal. Jeff read the votes and Ace and Crystal got the first votes. With a tied vote, and in a blindside, Ace went home as we once again saw an immunity idol not be played.


The Second Tribal Council

Kota found themselves in a very unusual place as they were headed to tribal council for what seems like forever. Dan was definitely the odd man out but Susie was not endearing herself to the others. Randy was playing the tribe for inclusion in a final-four situation and Susie put her foot in her mouth when she had the audacity to tell Corinne to her face that she was going to vote for her. Corinne was voting for Dan until that point and it looked like Susie was maybe heading home.


Tribal council had Jeff asking the group what was the guiding decision for the vote tonight. Jeff asked Susie about her being weak and Susie once again took a shot at Corinne, which probably solidified the decision for the tribe. Jeff sent them off to vote and we saw Susie give Dan a vote and Dan give Susie a vote as did Marcus. We know Susie had two votes and Jeff read the votes revealing Dan and Susie tied at three. With the final vote, and in another shocker, Dan was sent packing.

Jeff recognized that, even though Kota was successful, they were not one, big, happy family and sent them back to camp.

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