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Supernanny Saves A Mother of Six

October 31, 2008 08:39 PM by Lisa Stauber

Supernanny has her work cut out for her tonight. Blythe Newsome is a mother of six children who lost her house to foreclosure, went through a divorce, and lost her best friend to cancer. Oh, and she doesn’t even have her own bedroom, sleeping on the couch of the family’s rental. The kids used to behave, but now they are angry, cranky, and take advantage of their tired mom.

Elspeth, age 5, fights with everyone. The whole house in chaos while everyone does whatever they want. Daly locks himself in the closet, and Blythe has to take the door knob off. The kids all have a chance to remember Nana, their old nanny who recently died. Blythe is having trouble moving past everything, crying over her lost home and lost people.

Finn, age 3, still drinks from a bottle. Jo turns over the couch cushions and finds a bunch of junk food and crumbs. “Mom doesn’t reinforce anything,” she says. Blythe does all the of the housecleaning and the kids don’t do any chores. The kids don’t respect the new house, and Elspeth gets whatever she wants by throwing a fit. At dinnertime, the kids order their mother around and criticize the food.

The Parent Meeting
“I can’t do it all! I can’t follow through,” Blythe says. She doesn’t want to fight any battles, but makes things more difficult for the family later on. Supernanny thinks she doesn’t have pride in herself or pride in her home. Blythe can’t take it and leaves the house.

Supernanny talks her into accepting help, and they go back to the table. Jo wants to make the housekeeping better as a start to a more peaceful life.

Teaching Begins
Jo starts with a hard lesson. She makes Blythe drive to her old house. She relives special memories and says goodbye to the house. “You make new bonds in your new home,” Jo tells her. Next, Supernanny has Daly join them and talk about how the family is going to help each other.

Finn decides he wants a bottle, and Blythe declares that she is throwing them away. He has a total meltdown and screams for almost an hour. Supernanny tells Blythe he’ll cry again tonight, but eventually he’ll get past it as long as she doesn’t give in.

Now Blythe is going to write down chores that need to be done and assign jobs. They’ve never done anything before, though, and they aren’t on board. She assigns them to teams, and sends them off to clean the bathroom. Jo thinks that Blythe needs her own bed, and buys her a bed to put in the older girl’s room so she’s at least not stuck in the living room anymore.

DVD Review
Jo leaves for a few days, then returns to review DVD footage of Blythe’s parenting. Finn is still drinking out of a cup and the bottles have been banished. However, he’s gotten into the habit of peeing wherever he happens to be – even if he’s outside in the yard.

The kids fight over chores still, but eventually get them done. Blythe’s good at taking control when she tries! When it comes to her teens, though, she just argues and argues. Daly has a terrible habit of backtalking. Jo’s going to help her with authority.

Jo gives Blyth a book to keep track of Daly’s behavior. Supernanny’s had enough and tries to show her how to use her tone of voice to show him she means business. She also encourages the Newscomes to take part in a breast cancer walk in honor of Nana’s memory.

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Photos courtesy ABC.

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