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Extreme Makeover: Home Edition – Hill Family Knockout!

November 02, 2008 07:08 PM by Candace Young

This week, Ty Pennington comes out in boxing gear as he tells of a family who is fighting! On the bus, the Design Team meets the Hill family in Geneva, New York. Tim, the father took up boxing to keep him off the streets when he was young, and now runs a boxing school for at risk kids at their home. The boxing gives the kids a sense of pride and accomplishment. They profile the Hill’s adoptive son, Aleem, who straightened his life out and found a family in the process, by becoming a part of the boxing school.

Tim describes how they fund the boxing school, so the kids can participate free of charge, and therefore, they don’t have the money to fix up their 200 year old home, which is literally falling down around them.

Parents of some of the kids in the program testify as to how much the Hill family needs help, and to how worthwhile a service they are providing to the kids.

Door Knock Day

Ty arrives at the Hill family home and calls them out. John Littlefield explains that it’s a new beginning for the family and the Geneva Boxing Team! Aleem tells Ty that he would be on the streets if it weren’t for the Hill family. Ty tells them they are going to Cancun, Mexico for a vacation while they work on the house!

Tim takes Ty on a tour of the house. The foundation is sinking a little bit, the floors are sloping, and everything is cracking and falling apart. Ty says the family deserves so much better because of what they have given back to the community.

Didiayer talks to the younger children in the family to find out what they like. The youngest daughter likes smiley faces, and the youngest son likes sports and cooking! The teenager daughter tells Michael that she is ‘getting over’ her currently hot pink bedroom. Ed talks to Aleem, who tells him how much Tim and the family mean to him. They view his current small bedroom, and Ed pledges to do better for him. Out in the gym, Ty notices that it’s very unappealing to the eye, but notes that it’s full of heart. Tim comes to tears as he says that he can’t shut the doors and let the kids be left to the mercy of the streets. Ty gives him a hug, and says he’s a real hero.

Day 2

Mahoney Design & Build, headed by Tim Mahoney, will be looking after the construction of the new house. He says he is there to give the Hill family the dream that they deserve. In Cancun, the Hill family is installed in the Hilton hotel, and check in via video to see the volunteers, and to watch as their house is torn down! Ty introduces the excavators as if they are boxing opponents. The family laughs, as they see giant boxing gloves on the sides of the demolition machines. Two announcers from ESPN sit on the sidelines and call the action as the house is demolished.

Day 3

The house and the gym are really coming along! John says the gym will be totally equipped, including with an office and locker rooms! “It’s gonna’ be a knockout!” Didiayer is planning an artist’s room for the youngest daughter. Ty is working on the master bedroom, and has preserved some of the pieces of the old house for use in a secret ‘project’. Michael plans a chandelier and zebra print bed for the teenage daughter’s room.

Via video, John tells the Hill family he has some news for them – and it’s going to be delivered by Oscar de la Hoya! Oscar comes on screen and invites them to his next fight on Las Vegas – complete with VIP treatment and a visit to the locker room before and after the fight! He explains that he grew up in a tough part of East L.A., and he had people like Tim Hill that helped him. Tim says that Oscar gives back and is a real class act. Aleem is beside himself with excitement!

Day 5

Michael declares that Tim Hill is a hero, as he talks with a parent who has a son in the boxing program.

Day 6

Ty explains how the gym will be heated via the floor, and cooled with a gigantic ceiling fan! The walls have been painted red, and the ring is installed! The builder informs Ty that the house is done and gives him the keys. Ty shouts for everyone to start moving furniture. Ed says the family can now just concentrate on helping kids, which is what they do best!

Day 7

The limo pulls up and Ty shouts as the huge crowd of volunteers welcomes it. Ty greets the family, telling them that the community has given back to them this week. The cry of “Move that Bus” begins. As they see their new home, Tim is overwhelmed and Aleem does backflips across the lawn! Ty introduces them to Tim Mahoney the builder and they express their thanks. Ty then tells them to go check out their brand new house.

As they open the front door, they are flabbergasted by the beautiful huge living area and kitchen with gorgeous blue countertops. Tim calls it a ‘showpiece’. The youngest son runs upstairs and sees his new sports themed room. He calls it awesome! The youngest daughter is happy with her artist-themed room too. Justina, the older sister, cries when she sees her new, more sophisticated room. The parents, Tim and Michelle are amazed by the master bedroom, with portions of the old porch incorporated into the bed frame. Aleem is literally bouncing up and down at the sight of his new room, and is totally floored when Ty tells him that the boxing gloves on the table belonged to Sugar Ray Leonard.

The family then gathers outside the new gym. When Ty prompts them to enter, the sight of the fully equipped, amazing new facility stuns them. Ty tells them that everything they see was donated by Sears. The garage door entrance then opens and the members of the Geneva Boxing Team rush inside. Ty plays everyone a video from George Foreman, telling the family that what they are doing is ‘big’. Sugar Ray Leonard is also on the video, saying what a special man Tim Hill is for helming the boxing team. He mentions Michelle and Aleem as well. Ty then says that he has one more surprise – the Rochester University has started a scholarship of $400,000 in the Hill family name! Michelle says another door has opened – it’s the best gift in the world.

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Photos Courtesy: Syracuse.com and Democrat and Chronicle

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