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The Amazing Race 13: Laundering money has never been so easy

November 02, 2008 09:47 PM by Britteny Elrick

Six teams will travel to Delhi, India tonight on The Amazing Race. Terrence and Sarah started out this leg of the race with a thirty minute penalty for not following the directions during the last challenge. Find out if they will they be able to recover from their setbacks. Also, find out which two contestantscan’t help but participate in a little bit of innocent flirting…

Nick and Starr are the first team to depart for India, with Toni and Dallas not far behind. Ken and Tina say that they need to continue to put their differences aside or they will not be able to continue their lead. Kelly and Christy tell us that they are having way more fun than they ever did with their ex-husbands. Although Terrence and Sarah had a thirty minute penalty, they were still able to leave ahead of Andrew and Dan. Dallas talks about his flirtations with Starr, and she admits that there is attraction between the two of them. [he is pretty hot]

All the teams managed to get on the same flight to India. When they arrive, it’s a race to the taxis which will take them to Moonlight Motors. Nick and Starr discuss Kelly and Christy’s short shorts and how they need to cover up and be respectful of the culture. The contestants are shocked at the amount of traffic and congestion on the road. Ken gets upset with Tina when she gets too controlling and won’t trust his intuitions. They get lost and are the last team to arrive at the road block.

ROAD BLOCK: Help India’s taxi industry go green. They must cover the windows and yellow partsin newspaper, then paint the rest of the taxi green.

Terrencestarts to boss Sarah around and Andrew gets a bit offended.She keeps telling him that he needs to support and not criticize her. Andrew and Danare the first to finish painting the car andto receive their clue. They are instructed to find theAmbassador Hotel and locate an IndianDoorman who will give them a clue. Nick and Starr are the second to depart, followed by Toni and Dallas.Ken and Tinaare the last to complete the task and move on to the detour.

DETOUR: Launder money, or launder clothes. In launder money, they must find a banquet hall and make an Indian necklace of 10 rupee noteswhichequal thesum of 780, then they have to find a couple in the middle of a wedding celebration that will exchange it for their clue.Inlaunder clothes, they must find alaundry shop anduse a charcoal heated iron to press twenty pieces of clothing.

Nick and Starr choose to iron the clothes. Andrew and Dan have no lost their lead and are getting lost. Kelly and Christy arrive at the laundering clothes task with Nick and Starr. There is still tension between the teams and Kelly and Christy are determined to beat them. Terrence and Sarah and Ken and Tina opt for laundering money instead. NIck and Starr are the first to departand make it to thepit stop, the Ba’hai House. Ken and Tina are having a hard time finding someone who can exchange their bills for the correct amount of rupees.

Kelly and Christy are the next team to make it to the pit stop. Meanwhile,Terrence and Sarah keep getting lost among the crowd while trying to complete the laundering money detour. Toni and Dallas are the third team to reach the pit stop. Ken and Tina complete the detour butget held up trying to find a taxi. Terrence andSarah arrive as the fourth team, followed by Andrew and Dan. Ken and Tina are the last to arrive. However, it is a non-elimination leg and so they are still in the game!On the next leg, they will have an additional task to complete.

The Amazing Race airsSunday nights at8 PM ET on CBS.

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