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Dancing With The Stars: A Perfect Score!

November 03, 2008 08:05 PM by Paulene Hinds

Dancing With The Stars Brooke Burke

Tonight on Dancing With the Stars, the teams had to perform their regular routines and also a team dance which counted for half of their scores. Julianne is still recovering from surgery, so Cody was dancing with Edyta Sliwinska and Len Goodman is back at his judging post, bringing cranky back!

The first dance team tonight was Warren and Kym. They danced the Fox Trot to, “My Baby.” Len said that it wasn’t a classic Fox Trot and it wasn’t his best dance. Bruno said that the technique went into a recession and he needs to go back to the ease of movement that he had in the beginning. Carrie Ann said that he didn’t look secure and didn’t make it fun like he usually does. Warren did have an excuse though…his shoes were too small! They received a 21 for the night from ther judges.

Next up wasSusan and Tony. Theybutt heads this week and after all their arguing…Tony’s way of getting Susan fired up for the dance, they came out and performed a Pasa doble to a classic Spanish song. Bruno said Well Done. Carrie Ann told Susan to turn around to the audience and say that she is doing good and Len said that he thought that the dance had passion and drama and a hint of danger. They received a 24 for all their hard work.

Maurice and Cheryl hit the floor with a Cha Cha Cha. It looked like all of the performers were feeling the heat of the competition. During the team dance rehearsal,Warren hyper-extended his leg and had to work through the pain. They danced to a funky tune. Carrie Ann said that it was nice to see him bring his “A” game. Len said that their routine was dazzling and Maurice’s best dance so far. Bruno said that happy days are here again for Maurice. The duo received a score of 25.

Cody was under the gun this week with a new partner and Edyta was hoping that the two would get to know each other quickly so that they could show some passion in their Vienesse Waltz. The pair went to visit Julianne for a pep talk, but when Cody danced he looked like a boy missing his mother. The passion wasn’t there and something was up with his goofy smile and clenched teeth. Len said that as a couple they looked comfortable together, but Cody lacked the lyrical part of the dance and was a bit cloddy. Bruno said that it was like watching a fledling bird that couldn’t get out of his nest and he was clumsy. Carrie Ann said that she thought it was great and that Cody’s technique was good and Julianne would be proud. With the mixed reviews, they received 22.

Lance and Lacey were the next couple to perform and Laceyhad it with trying to please Lance. After making it to the top of the leader board last week, they came out and danced the Rumba. It looked like Lacey won him over as their dance was beautiful and with the song, “Your Body Is A Wonderland” they couldn’t lose. Bruno said bare foot in the park has never been more seductive. Carrie Ann was worried about the no shoes, but it was fantastic. Len said that he didn’t get it and it didn’t enhance their performance at all. Mr.Cranky pants wasn’t happy about the no shoes thingy. They received 25 and Bruno almost fell over with Len’s 7!

Brooke and Derek fell from grace last week with a lack lustre Rumba, so this week they decided to re-group. They performed an elegant Fox Trot and received a standing ovation. Carrie Ann just said, WOW! Len said that it was truly fantastic and Bruno said that it was a brilliant performance from start to finish. Hmmmm…I was foreseeing a 30 here? They scored 30! The first perfect score of the season.

Next, the dancers were split up into two groups…team Cha Cha which consisted of Cody, Susan and Lance and their partners. Team Pasa doble consisted of Warren, Maurice and Brooke and their partners. The judges would award one score per team which was added to each competitor’s individual scores this evening.

Team Cha Cha had the weakest link showing even before the group hit the stage…Susan. She just looked stiff and uncomfortable during the rehearsals and also during their performance. Cody relaxed with Edyta and they pulled off the sexiest solo. Susan looked like a Barbie doll that was mechanized…ewww. Lance and Lacey…WOW! Len said that they came out and did an excellent job and Lance and Lacey saved the day. Bruno said that the routine was on the brink of disaster, but Lance and Lacey saved it. Carrie Ann said that it was brutal to watch and the unison was terrible. They received 20. This score will be added to each of their individual scores tonight, making their score out of 60.

Taking them on was team Pasa doble. Warren gave a pep talk to Maurice and Brooke as they rehearsed. They came out fired up. Holy…the solos were amazing and strong. Brooke was fantastic. There was no problem with their unison. Bruno said that he loved it and they worked as a team. Carrie Ann said it was total team work and was a magical mish mash of the pasa doble. Len said that it is easier to keep a formation in this type of dance than in the Cha Cha Cha and he enjoyed the dance very much. They received a perfect score of 30.

Due to the election tomorrow night, the results show will be on Wednesday evening 8 PM ET on ABC.Academy Award and Grammy Award winning artist Lionel Richie will be performing. Lionel Richie will sing his hit, “Dancing on the Ceiling,” and his first single, “Good Morning,” from his new album “Just Go.” “Just Go” is scheduled to be released on February 17, 2009 by Island Records. Cheryl Burke, Maksim Chmerkovskiy, Kym Johnson and Tony Dovolani will dance as Richie performs “Dancing on the Ceiling.” Edyta Sliwinska and Alec Mazo will dance as Richie performs “Good Morning.”

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Photo Credit: Kelsey McNeal/ABC

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