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America’s Next Top Model Cycle 11: Exposed

November 06, 2008 05:56 AM by Britteny Elrick

It’s down to the top five girls in the contest to become America’s Next Top Model. The girls get to explore more of Amsterdam as they travel to five different go-sees. Marjorie is overcome again by her insecurities, while McKey’s confidence is building every day. Find out which model just isn’t a good fit for European fashion…

TYRA MAIL: You have to be more than good looking, if you want the first booking.

The girls arrive at Touche Modeling Agency where they are told they will be going on go-sees via boat around Amsterdam. They are given a map to find the five designers, who will grade them in the areas of portfolio, walk, personality. Marjorie is very nervous since she has no sense of direction and eventually she starts crying and decides to skip the first location. She has alot of trouble with her shyness and the designers aren’t impressed, so she goes home early. Samantha is scared as this will be her very first go-see. The designers are impressed with McKey’s look and attitude, and many of them say they would book her; however, she does not make it back in time and is disqualified. Some think Samantha is too commercial for the European market. They thought Elina was merely “playing a model,” but she wasn’t actually a model. One lady told Elina that she couldn’t work with her tattoos. The designers thought that Marjorie was uncomfortable in her own body. Analeigh gets some coaching on her walk and overall they seem to like her. The winner is Analeigh and she receives hand selected items from all the designers and also gets to do some high fashion international modeling. McKey is upset because if she hadn’t been late, she would have won.

TYRA MAIL: You’ve never been exposed like this before, but you’ll be amazed after.
PHOTO SHOOT: Tyra shows up to be the girls’ photographer. She tells them they will take two sets of pictures: one without makeup and one with extreme makeup. Samantha did a great job with her theatrical poses and Tyra was impressed. Marjorie was thinking too much about her poses, but they felt she had a lack of energy. Analeigh did a wonderful job. Elina is told she needs to cut her nails [?] and has a hard time loosening up again. McKey did great in both shoots.

JUDGING: Samantha booked two jobs on her go-sees and they loved both her glam and natural photos. Analeigh, contest winner, booked three jobs. They didn’t like her natural pose, but her glam pose was amazing. Marjorie only made it to two go-sees and didn’t book any of them. The loved both of her pictures, but don’t understand how to bring the model into real life. Elina booked two of four because of her tattoos. They criticize her stiffness again and tell her she needs to be more crazy. McKey booked all her go-sees and would have won the contest had she not been late. Her natural was good, and the glam pose was amazing.

First Tyra calls the winner of the week: Samantha. McKey is next followed by Analeigh. Elina and Marjorie are in the bottom two. She says Elina is confident and photographs well, but her personality diminishes her beauty. Marjorie can’t get over her nerves and she is standing in the way of herself. Marjorie is called. Elina goes home.

The show currentlyairs Wednesdays on the CW at 8 PM ET.

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Photo Credit: The CW

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